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"Hello, I can't wait to see your blood seep into the ground."
– Avra Radum

Avra Radum was a famed bounty hunter and mercenary. He served Aloquar Ordo in the Mandalorian Guild. Avra Kot Radum was born to famed Jedi Blast Radum, and his wife, Prudii Radum. Avra was the first child for Blast and Prudii not to be force-sensitive. He had a younger sister, Alurria. She was not force-sensitive but, she had a good future serving the New Jedi Order. Avra had a troubled childhood. He hated that he was not force-sensitive but, at one time, he wished he was.

New Life[edit | edit source]

"My name is Avra. Son of Jetii Blast Radum and Prudii Farr-Radum"

"Why do you wish to join the Mandalorian Guild?"

"I am Mando'ad. Always have been, always will be"

―Aloquar Ordo and Avra

Avra gave his parents much trouble during his childhood. He often fought with them and with his siblings. He got into many physical fights with his older brother Taren. He lost most of the time because Taren force-pushed him into walls. Avra decided to run away at twenty two. He found an unusual device that brought him back in time. It was 21 BBY. He went to Mandalore. There, he found someone by the name of Aloquar Ordo. Aloquar invited him to join the Mandalorian Guild and he accepted his offer.


Avra met his trainer Mirta Brokar that same night. She was grumpy because she hated being tasked with training recruits. "Listen. I hate training anyone. You need to be at your best if you wanna stay in the Guild" she said. "I will do my best and won't give up!" Avra said.

Onderon[edit | edit source]

Avra asked for permission to assist in the liberation of Onderon, Aloquar let him go. He flew his ship onto the surface but needed to take someone with him so they could fly it back to the Mandalorian Guild's Headquarters. He asked one of his closest friends in the Guild, Boba Bactapack, to fly his ship back and he said yes. He also took his pet Narglatch, Seze, with him that he usually rode during missions. When he got down to the ground, it was right after the Jedi were discovered by the Rebels. He explained that he was there to help and Anakin Skywalker sensed he was not lying. He helped train the Rebels along with the Jedi.

"Training these Rebels will be harder than I thought"

"They'll learn, you just need patience to teach 'em"

Captain Rex and Avra

Battle For Onderon[edit | edit source]

The Rebels rescued King Ramsis Dendup. The Rebels forced the Confederacy to come to the highlands. The battle had only just begun when the CIS's new gunships had arrived, wiping out everyone in t 

File:Avra Unconscious.png

Avra unconscious and injured on Onderon

heir path. Avra was sniping droids. Steela Gerrera saw the incoming gunships and told everyone to get away from them. Just as she said that, the gunships came and blasted the place they were at. Avra was shot in the shoulder. Then, one of the gunships blasted him over the edge, unconscious. He lay there for a little bit. He then awoke to a scorching pain in his shoulder. He got up and saw the Rebels being killed off. He had Steela contacting him on his comlink. "Avra! They're after King Dendup! Get back to the nest now!" she yelled. "Copy that! I'm injured but I can still make it!" Avra told her. Avra did make it, and took his sniper rifle with him. He whistled Seze over to him. He rode her back to the Rebels hideout. He was late and the Dendup had already been saved. But there was a gunship spiraling towards the King and Steela. "Look out!" Avra yelled. He saw Steela hanging on the ledge. "Steela!" he yelled. After Ahsoka Tano saved Lux Bonteri, who tried to save Steela, he saw that same gunship's blaster was still functional. "No!" Avra said, his voice screeching with pain as he saw Steela fall and die.

Freedom of Onderon[edit | edit source]

Steela's sacrifice had not been in vain. Onderon was freed and Dendup was king once again. Avra felt overwhelmed with Steela's death. "You know, in a way, she's still with us. I can feel her spirit" Avra said to Saw Gerrera, Lux, and Ahsoka. Avra and Seze were later picked up that night by Boba.

"Steela will never be forgotten for what she did. Onderon is free because of her"  

Attack on the Jedi Temple[edit | edit source]

File:Assassin In The Night 2.png
After the whole business on Onderon, Avra was hired by Count Dooku to cripple the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and steal Republic plans for a weapon that could have turned the tide in the Republic's favor in the war. In return, Avra would be paid a large sum of credits. Avra whistled Seze, who was waiting outside for him, to him and rode her to the spaceport and flew to Coruscant. Upon walking up to the Temple, a squad of clone troopers questioned why Avra was there. Avra had two options: either stall them or kill them. Avra took out his blaster pistols and shot the clones, showing no mercy. He then ran away from the pursuing forces. After he was sure he was safe, he got on top of a building and took out his sniper rifle, sniping the other squad he encountered earlier. He later made a secret entrance into the Temple. As Avra was cautiously roaming around the temple, he placed detonators in certain spots. He then managed to steal the plans Dooku was wanting. Avra then went to place the last detonator when he heard a voice. "Stop!" Avra heard someone call after him. He turned around at the sound of a lightsaber's ignition. "Jedi" Avra said. "Drop your weapons and hand over the plans you have stolen" she said. "Ok" Avra said. Avra surprised the Jedi by shooting at her. She force-pushed Avra into a wall and jumped at him, lightsaber pointing to him. Avra rolled to the side to dodge the Jedi. She took the plans from Avra after knocking him unconscious.

Interrogation[edit | edit source]

Avra was interrogated by Jedi Master Mace Windu. "Who hired you?" he asked Avra. "Why the hell would I tell you?" Avra said. "You will contact your employer" Windu tried the famous mind trick. "You're a fool, Windu. Mind tricks only work on the weak-minded, right?" Avra said. Avra kicked the interrogation table at Mace Windu, and took his lightsaber to break himself free of his handcuffs. "Here's your damn lightsaber back, Windu" Avra said, throwing the lightsaber back at Windu. Avra collected his arsenal of weapons and escaped the Jedi Temple, back to Tatooine.

Dealing With Dooku[edit | edit source]

"Look, Dooku, I didn't get your damn plans. I almost got killed" Avra told Dooku. "I am sending my agents for the plans and they shall succeed, where you have failed, bounty hunter." Dooku told Avra. "Avra. The name's Avra. Also, why can't you get the blasted plans yourself? Oh, wait, you're "too valuable to the Separatists". Avra said.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

"I don't give a damn who hires me, long as I get paid, I'm happy"
– Avra Radum
Avra was trained by Mirta Brokar to be the strongest and to be ruthless. Avra had side of him to see right from wrong in situations. Avra also had a pet Anooba named Aaray, meaning pain in Mandalorian. Aaray often accompanied Avra and his pet Narglatch, Seze, on missions. Aaray and Seze also had a special bond between them. Seze was different from the rest of the females of her species. She had fleshy spikes on her head, just like the male Narglatch.
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