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Malek Kriya
Biographical information

Concorddawnplanet.png Concord Dawn


78 BBY, Concord Dawn


3,100 ABY, Zeno

Physical description




  • 2.25 meters
  • 2.34 meters (with cybernetics)

93.25 Kilograms

Hair color
  • Black (original)
  • Red (dyed)
Eye color

Green, Red (when in rage)

Skin color



Prosthetic legs

Chronological and political information
Known masters
  • Dir Kriya
  • Miranda Kriya
  • Ren Ion
Known apprentices
  • Zatar Kriya
  • Miranda Kriya
  • Mirta Kriya
  • Several descending Kriya family members
Battle Class

Bc icon mercenary.png

"I enjoy what I do. Don't like it, to bad, you should have never contracted me. Anyways, thanks for the money."
-Malek Kriya

Malek Kriya, (Mal'iak Crey-ia in Mando'a) nicknamed Mal'Ko or Falcon, was a renowned Mandalorian warrior, bounty hunter, mercenary and assassin, husband of Ailyn Luz, and the father of notable bounty hunters Mirta Kriya, Zatar Kriya & Miranda Kriya. A Force-sensitive Zenolian, born on Concord Dawn, Malek was born to Mandalorian bounty hunters Dir Kriya and Miranda Visla. Raised in a Zenolian Mandalorian clan, named the Kriya Clan, Malek was trained in the Mandalorian ways. He was also the younger brother to Jorak Kriya, who was born in 81 BBY. Jorak later betrayed the Kriya Clan when he joined the Death Watch in 59 BBY. Because of this, Malek developed a deep hatred for his brother, and Jorak alike. It later became a rivalry that was left questioned by several mandalorians knowing death would end it once and for all.

At the age of eighteen, Malek became the leader of the Kriya clan after his parents were killed by the Death Watch in an ambush. Wishing to gain vengenace, Malek planned in attacking them, but after being stopped by Jaster Mereel, Malek decided to take his time, and would join the True Mandalorians along with the rest of clan following him. Malek would serve alongside Mand'alor Jaster Mereel during the Mandalorian Civil War in fighting the Mandalorian splinter group named the Death Watch who were led by Tor Vizsla, until his death in 52 BBY, due to Montross's betrayal. Malek then sided with Jango Fett, and became his second-in-command. After several more years of fighting, the conflict ended with the fall of the True Mandalorians. Following his parent's footsteps, Malek became a bounty hunter, and would lead his clan across the galaxy, as bounty hunters, all of whom who would later serve the Galactic Republic, and at one point, the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

When on a mission in 22 BBY, a few days after the start of pan-galactic Clone Wars, Malek and few of his family members were accidentally attacked by a Separatists fleet, which caused them to crash within the Mandalore sector, of which all survived. While on one of the planets within the sector, Malek and the Kriya Clan met up with a Mandalorian group called the Mandalorian Guild, which honored the True Mandalorians. Knowing he could be a part of them, Malek joined the Mandalorian squad, and would serve as a Commander, where he developed a friendship with many of it's generals, and the leader Beviin Kabur. He helped the Guild in many missions, of which involved in attacking the Death Watch several times. In the same year, Malek met a Zenolian female Mandalorian bounty hunter named Ailyn Zos, who was from the planet of Zeno. Upon meeting the two fell in love with each other. Malek and Ailyn were eventually one of the few Mandalorians to come from a Zenolian bloodline. The two married a year later, and gave birth to three children (two girls & one boy). During his years prior to the Clone Wars, Malek served the Republic as a bounty hunter. Also in 22 BBY, Malek served as an infiltrator within the Death Watch, and would do so for almost a year until being discovered by lieutenant and the Nite Owls leader Bo-Katan. He infiltrated them again in 20 BBY.

In 21 BBY, Malek joined his brethren in the Mandalorian Guild on a mission that involved attacking the Death Watch on Carlac, prior to infiltrating them. He would serve alongside Redspark Holcron and Jate Ordo. Malek would evolve as the most infamous Mandalorian of the time, and would be recognized as the most fiercest and brutal warrior. Malek himself would even be respected by the people of the Galactic Republic, much to his suroprise, as even the Jedi respected him. Because of his skills with any blaster, Malek was a feared Mandalorian. In the same year, Malek once more infiltrated the Death Watch, who had embarked on a mission in taking Mandalore, who hoped to relieve it from the pacifist and peaceful Mandalorian government, in the hopes of bringing back what was "their Mandalore". Malek had hoped he wuld get the chance to remove Vizsla from power, but it would be taken away by the Sith Lord Darth Maul. Having no choice, Malek would temporarily aid Bo-Katan in fighting against the Shadow Collective, which held former Death Watch soldiers, now known as the Mandalorian super commandos. After a small battle, he left and returned to the Guild with his clan, and was now able to fully serve them.

Following the fall of the Republic, Malek pledged his bounty hunting services to the Galactic Empire, and served with Boba Fett several times. He would serve them until 1 BBY. In that same year, Malek became invovled in the Mandalorian Clan Wars, which would end almost a decade later. For several years after the collpase of the Empire, Malek served Boba Fett's Mandalorian Protectors with his wife and children, while the galaxy-wide known bounty hunter served as Mand'alor after Fenn Shysa's death. They helped Boba lead the Mandalorians through the Yuuzhan Vong War, orginally working as mercenary for the invaders, until they ultimately betrayed extragalactic aliens, after their discovery of them having helped the New Republic in several battles. Later, during the Second Galactic Civil War, Malek, his clan, wife and children left Mandalore for Zeno, where they met notable Zenolian Ren Ion. After spending years of training with Ren, Malek returned to Mandalore in 138 ABY, and killed Yaga Auchs, after the Mandalorian ruler offended Malek's Zenolian heritage. Malek then took the title of Mandalore for himself, and led Mandalore through several wars, of which were, the Second Mandalorian Civil War, the Resurgent Sith War, and the Mandalorian-Sith Galactic War. Malek also created the Mandalorian Empire, which lasted from 142 ABY until his death in 3,100 ABY.


Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

"You my ad are a Mando'ad, a verd. Don't you ever forget that."
"Serve your life as a Mandalorian with purpose Mal'Ko, for it is what we are. We serve as respectable warriors. We live to be highly-paid soldiers, and should conduct themselves as honorable mercenaries. Follow the teachings of Jaster Mereel well, and live on."
-A dying Dir & Miranda to Malek

Malek's first and only human ancestor, Mandalorian bounty hunter Shae Vizsla.

A male Mandalorian, Malek was born on Concord Dawn in 78 BBY, to Zenolian Mandalorian bounty hunters Dir Kriya and Miranda Vizsla. Malek's father descended from a bloodline of Zenolians who served as Mandalorians, with the first member being Kriya, who later changed his name to Kio Kriya, which would mark the beginning of the Kriya Clan, while Malek's mother descended from Mandalorian bounty hunter Shae Vizla, who would be the only human Mandalorian within Malek's ancestry from both sides. When he came of age, Malek's parents began to train him, as would other Kriya clan members. By the age of twelve, Malek excelled in martial arts, the use of several types of blasters, and even the use of a lightsaber. When he was thirteen, Malek recieved his first

Malek, age thirteen, in his first Mandalorian armor

Mandalorian armor, and had a blaster carbine as his main weapon of choice, along with his two Warlord pistols, and one Jedi lightsaber. For the next four years, Malek worked as a mercenary, and helped in training the youngest children of the Kriya Clan. By the time he was eighteen, Malek was recognized as one of the best warriors of the Kriya Clan, the best shooter, and fighter in close combat, and with a lightsaber. In 60 BBY, shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Malek was scouting Concord Dawn with his parents, but little they did know that a new enemy had formed. As they left a small village, a group of Mandalorians surrounded the three, as one Mandalorian walked towards them. Having his blaster ready, the male Mandalorian demanded that they surrender, or serve him and his Death Watch. Demanding that he and his clan wouldn't do nothing, Tor Vizsla, as he revealed himself to Dir, Miranda and Malek, ordered for them to be executed. Drawing their blaster, and even outnumbered, Malek and his parents fought the Death Watch, killing of several of it's warriors, until Vizsla took aim and shot down both Dir & Miranda, which Malek then used a smoke bomb to escape with his parents, who were now fatally injured. After successfully arriving at the clan's base, Malek had no choice but to lay his parents down near the door of the base. Several Kriyans cam to aid Malek and his parents, but it would be to late. Hearing their final words, Dir & Miranda passed away peacefully. However, unknown to Malek, his older brother Jorak gladly smiled upon the deaths of their parents.

Joining the True Mandalorians[edit | edit source]

"I am sorry for the loss of your parents Malek, but it's not wise to make rash actions. Honor them by having you and your clan join us, the True Mandalorians. Dir & Miranda were friends of mine. This is what they would have wanted."
"I understand. In their name, we pledged ourselves to the True Mandalorians."
"Long live the Kriya Clan & the True Mandalorians."
-Malek and his clan join the True Mandalorians

Jaster Mereel, leader of the True Mandalorians.

Following his parents death, Malek instantly set of a path for vengeance against the Death Watch, vowing to kill it's leader Tor Vizsla. However, before he could, Mand'alor Jaster Mereel, with his True Mandalorians came to meet up with Malek, after he remembered that his parents told him to meet them a day before they died. Jaster was able to quickly calm down, after telling him that he should wait for the right time to kill Vizsla, for now it was to early, and the war had just started. Wanting to honor what his parents hadl left behind, Malek joined the True Mandalorians as the new leader of the Kriya Clan. Malek would later see Mereel as an older brother. Malek would serve as third-in-command, under Montross, with whom he quickly developed a strong rivalry, in which the two had no type of respect for one another. Despite this, the two were able to work well with one another, and became known for their tactics on the battlefield. A highly skilled sniper, Malek was responsible for several surpise attacks on the Death Watch, of which many were highly successful. For the next two years, Malek fought alongside Jaster in the hopes of removing the Death Watch and to even try and avoid another war of conquest, to which was what Vizsla longed for. Later in 59 BBY, Jorak betrayed Malek and the True Mandalorians after he aided the Death Watch in an attack. Engaging him in a small fight, Malek would be victorious over him, and since he was the Kriya Clan leader, he expelled Jorak. Around a year later, Malek's older brother Jorak Kriya betrayed the Kriya Clan and the True Mandalorians when he aided the Death Watch in an attack. The True Mandalorians were victorious, as the Kriya Clan was able to capture Jorak. Angered, and enraged after hearing Jorak's words on how glad he was that their parents died, Malek would vicously punch and kick Jorak, until he left him injured with a broken leg. Ripping of the symbols of both the Kriya Clan and the True Mandalorians, Malek exiled him from Concord Dawn and the Clan. Mereel did the same in exiling and kicking him out of the True Mandalorians. Jorak would eventually leave and went of to join the Death Watch, where he reamined in hiding for two decades. In 58 BBY, Malek joined Jaster in his return to Concord Dawn, after the Mandalorian Civil War had officially spilled

Jaster, Malek (behind Jaster), and another Mandalorian save Jango from the Death Watch.

itself onto their homeworld. After suffering a recent firefight against the Death Watch, Mereel and his men were forced to rely on the kindness of the Journeyman Protector who'd replaced Mereel, a man by the name of Fett.  Being offered refuge on the family's farm, to which they were given food from the fields. Unfortunately, they couldn't remaining in hiding for, the Death Watch captured Fett's young son, Jango, and attempted to use the boy, in addition to a brutal beating, in force the Journeyman Protector to reveal the location of Mereel and his True Mandalorians. Fett would not give in to the Death Watch. Later, a chaotic firefight erupted when Fett's wife attempted to save her husband and son. Sadly, both Fett and his wife died, leaving Mereel to break his cover in order to save Jango. As the Death Watch closed in and setfire upon the field Mereel and his troops had fled into, Jango led the Mandalorians to an irrigation pipe that which would take them safely away from the blaze. Once Mereel was able to regroup his forces in a nearby town, they laid in wait until the Death Watch arrived. Once they did, Merel and his men set an ambush, while Malek and his clan attacked from the sky, pinning down several Death Watch warriors, making them suffer heavy casualties. As Malek fought, he noticed that Jango placed an explosive charge on the underside of the armored speeder Vizsla rode into the town upon. It surprised Malek himself, knowing that this boy was really smart, and that it was a good plan. A few seconds later, the tank exploded, causing him to suffer a horrible scar across his face. He escaped, but would be believed to have been killed. Once the battle came to close, Malek ordered his men to help out any injured soldiers and take them to his ship. He accompanied Mereel in retrieving Jango who stood over the body of the Death Watch soldier who had murded his parents. Prasing his courage, Mereel decided to take Jango with him, as the Mandalorians departed Concord Dawn, and he eventually came to consider the boy his son. Malek would be proud with Mereel's decision, knowing that it was the right choice to do, since the Death Watch had killed of his parents as well, Mereel stated that if Malek was the same age, he would have done the same thing.

Death of Jaster Mereel[edit | edit source]

"He was a great man, an honorable warrior, a mercenary who knew the costs."
"Yes, he was like a father to me, just as he was a older brother figure to you. We may have lost someone Malek, but that does not mean we have to quit. We will fight the Death Watch and destroy them."
"As you wish Mand'alor. The Death Watch killed my family, and I still long for that vengeance. I serve you as your general."
"Thank you, my friend.
-Malek and Jango

Jaster Mereel is killed by Tor Vizsla, shortly after Montross betrays him.

Six years later, the Death Watch were believed to have finished. Through this, Malek thought that justice had been delivered, and that now his parents could finally find peace and rest. Deciding to continue serving Mereel, Malek led his clan with the True Mandalorian supercommandos as a mercenary force, and it was in that capacity that they traveled to the planet Korda 6, but little did they know that an old enemy was awaiting them there. After being contracted by the Korda Defense Force, Mereel and his men, as Malek with his clan, had all been hired to extract a rookie security team pinned down under fire by a force of local hostiles. Kordan intelligence was faulty, to which they had told them that the natives had no formal army and were poorly armed. Since Mereel beieved it to be an "easy credits" mission, he divided his men into three groups. Malek and half his men were apart of Jango's Grunts. It would later be revealed that intelligence reports turned out to be inaccurate and the claims of "minimal resistance" turned out to be a much heavier force. Through the upcoming battle, Montross refused to retreat after being injured by a grenade strike. With Fett, the two moved on and used Montross' ill-guided attack as a diversion to move on their original objective, but were later ambushed by the Death Watch, after expecting what was a supposedly expected team of security personnel. As Malek fought of several of the Death Watch soldiers, with his clan and Fett, Montross and Mereel were attacked by an angry Vizsla.

Mereel would then be seriously injured by Vizsla, following Montross' betrayal, who was already fed up with the orders from the Mand'alor himself. As Malek held of the man, in giving a chance for Fett to help save the man who he saw as a father, but he wouldn't arrive in time. Vizsla unleashed a powerful barrage of blasts from his tank's cannons. Malek would only see Mereel, the man whom he saw as a older brother die in Fett's hands. Turning around, Malek told his men to retreat, and Fett would comply with Malek's orders. Montorss was able to reach the other Mandalorians, revealing that both Mereel and Fett had died, and that Malek had betrayed them. The two Mandalorians arrived in time to reveal that Montross' words were lies, with Fett carrying Mereel's dead body, as Fett stated that Malek was no traitor, for the real traitor was Montross. Montroos continued to say that Mereel left the title of Mand'alor to him. However, a friend to both Malek and Fett, Silas backed up Fett's claim to the title of Mandalore with his blaster. After failing to persuade the other Mandalorians, Montross left for a time, and would disappear. With Fett taking up the title of Mand'alor, he would name Malek as his second-in-command. Through this, Malek created a Mandalorian group within the True Mandalorians, which were named, the "Eternal Mandalorians".

Under a new leader[edit | edit source]

"This man, who was he, and what was he?"
A Mandalorian warrior, similar to the one who killed of several Jedi with his bare hands."
"Have you had any luck in finding him?"
"No, but it seems he works for the Galactic Republic now."
-Darth Sidious and Darth Tyranus, speaking about Malek Kriya

Just as he served under Mereel, Malek continued to serve the True Mandalorians, under the leadership of the new Mand'alor Jango Fett. He also led the Eternal Mandalorians as a mercenary group, with the Kriya Clan as the mentors of the newly formed Mandalorian group. He would do so, until the disastrous Battle of Galidraan. Almost a

Malek takes aim at incoming Death Watch soldiers while on Galidraan.

decade prior to the Clone Wars, Malek and Fett were hired to put down an insurrection on the planet Galidraan. With their Mandalorians, they engaged the rebels in a fight. Once the fighting ended, the rebels now defeated, each ordered their men to return to their camp for they had some business with the Galidraan's governor to collect their payment. Malek would await outside as Jango went to collect their payment. A few minutues later, Malek heard a clash and saw Jango flying out and shooting, and ordered Malek to escape. Instantly, ten Death Watch soldiers surrounded Malek, who would all be ordered to kill him. However, Malek decided he was not gonna let himself be bested by a group of hooligans. Taking out his blaster, Malek shot down eight of the soldiers, and knocked two out by throwing one into another. He then ignited his jetpack and managed to escape before any other soldiers arrived. Hurrying back to the base, they hoped to arrive first, before the Jedi. A plot had been placed eariler by both Vizsla and govener, where they claimed that the Mandalorians had been murdering "political activists", along with both women and children, while in fact, Vizsla's forceswere the one causing the carnage. The Jedi Council was asked to step in and take immediate action. As Jedi ships began to land on the planet, Fett was unable to contact his men since his helmet's comlink had been damaged in his escape from Vizsla, while Malek's comlink had also been destroyed during a fight with the two final Death Watch warriors he had knocked out. When the two arrived, the Jedi team had also arrived. The Jedi team was led Jedi Master Dooku and his Padawan Komari Vosa,

Tor Vizsla, leader of the Death Watch, smiles with his blaster as Malek, the Kriya Clan and Jango Fett are taken away by the Jedi.

and would act instantly on the governor's words. The Jedi demanded they they surrender, with Vosa adding that if they put the slightest resistance, they would die. Innocent, Fett ordered his men to open fire, and Malek did the same. Suffering losses early, they decided to use projectiles and provision of cover via jetpacks, but this decision ended in the death of Fett's second-in-command and friend Myles at the hands of a Jedi. Ordering Malek to stand down, along with his clan, Jango Fett went of to fight six Jedi alone, bare hands, and with feet, without the use of weapons, which would make him both famous and infamous for the rest of his life and career. As Malek and his men watched, two Jedi came in charging at Malek, to which he reacted by punching one in the neck, killing the jedi, and kicking another one in the back, breaking his spine. He then grabbed him from the back, and snapped his neck. Now outnumbered, Fett was ordered to surrender, with Malek and his men as well. With the True Mandalorians now defeated, Fett, Malek, and the remaining members of the Kriya Clan, were all stripped from their armor. They were later sold to slavery, leaving the Death Watch victorious and praising the fall of the True Mandalorians. However, both Fett and Malek were placed in different sections of slavery, with Fett working as a slave aboard a spice transport, and Malek working in a different field, along with the Kriya Clan.

Six months later, Malek and his men devised an attack on their slave holders. Using their skills in martial arts, Malek and his men fought of and killed several of the slave guards, even using their Zenolian abilities for the first time in years. Once they killed of several guards, they took their weapons and marched on towards their slave holders rooom, who was currently unaware of the situation. With a blaster in hand, Malek shot the two captors and then found a switch bya door. Force opening the door, Malek discovered his Mandalorian armor, along with several other pieces of his kin's armor. Donning their armor once more, they all repainted it, Malek and the clan decided to become bounty hunters.

Dark Jedi Hunt[edit | edit source]

"It's been a while Jango Fett. Last time I saw you, it was on Galidraan."
"Yes my old friend. I see your clan is still alive, well what's left of them."
"Blame that on the Jedi. We were able escape our slave captors, after we killed them. I lost many of my kin to the Jedi, that my hate for them is what keeps me alive and running."
"Be careful with that my old friend, it may kill you."
"I know."
-Malek and Jango

Malek takes aim at the Dark Jedi, after searching through the Underworld.

In 40 BBY, Malek and his kin were recognized as the deadliest group of bounty hunters to ever live. During this time, he re-encountered his old friend Jango Fett, who was now working as a bounty hunter. The two met again in a cantina, where each drank and told their story of what had happened to them in the past few years. After taking up a bounty each, the two split ways once more, wishing each other the best in their new careers. Malek was ordered by the Jedi Council to hunt down a male Dark Jedi who was causing trouble in the Coruscant Underworld, and was killing many innocent people. Skeptical at first, the Jedi told him that he would not be pursued while on his bounty, nor would they take action on him. Acceptingthe mission, Malek ordered the kriya Clan to stand down for he would take the mission. After arriving Coruscant, Malek was taken instantly to the Underworld, where he would take on his mission. After arriving, Malek began his search for the acolyte stumbling across several surviving victims from recent attacks. After asking five survivors, Malek sensed the acolytes presence, which was due to his Zenolian powers. Malek was able to find him without trouble or difficulty. Qiuetly pulling out his Warlord pistols, Malek took aim at the dark-sider, who was threatening a Twi'lek female, and her child. Without even breathing, Malek fired once with both pistols, and before the acolyte could react, one shot of his lightsaber and one hit him in the face. The Dark Jedi died instantly, and dropped to the floor. As he put his blasters away, the Twi'lek family went and thanked Malek, but spoke in Twi'leki. Malek understood them, and responded to them in their native language, saying it was his job. The child who was amazed touched one of Malek's gadgets, angering the mother, to which Malek said it was no problem. He then gave the child a small present, which he would also hand the mother. Thanking him again, Malek flew of and contacted the guild, saying he was already doing his jobs and was going to starting focusing his eyes on the Death Watch. He returned to the Jedi Temple and received his payment, and left Coruscant.

Sibling Rivalry Reinstated[edit | edit source]

"(laughing) Malek, vod, it's been a while. How's mom and dad. OOPS! I forgot, they died (laughing)."
"You tarnish what it means to be a Mandalorian warrior Vod. You disgrace the very name of Kriya. It would have been better it you were born a girl. I would have been more happy in having a sister."
That's why I hate you. You always beat me in everything. Words, accuracy, fighting, EVERYTHING!"
"Too bad."
-Malek and Jorak meet & speak for the first time in twenty years

Jorak Kriya, exiled member of the Kriya Clan, traitor to the True Mandalorians, and older brother to Malek.

In 39 BBY, Malek discovered an old base on Concord Dawn, which belonged to his parents, as was the old base to the Kriya Clan. By this time, the Kriya Clan began to grow once more, after several members married their childhood love, or the one person they had wished to be with. As he began to put the base back to working condition, one of the clan members, named Vhonte Kriya, one of the many remaining female members, noticed something in the distance. She described it as a Mandalorian warrior flying towards their direction. Ordering her to head into the base with the rest of the Kriya Clan, Malek went and flew straight towards the incoming object, and would be surprised upon seeing that it was his older brother. The two crashed in mid-air, sending them down to the ground. Exchanging their greeting by shouting at one another, they would instantly fight one another. Using rage and brutal attacks, the two did not stop, even as they started to get extremely tired. Already annoyed, Malek shot a powerful blast of Emerald Lightning at Jorak, which sent him flying back. Defeated, Jorak flew away, and vowed vengenace on Malek. In agreememnt, the two reinstated their sibling rivalry, and vowed one would kill each other very soon.

Unpredictable Reputation (33 BBY-22 BBY)[edit | edit source]

"Once I take up a bounty, I will not stop. Once my eyes are set on my target, I won't lose sight of my prey. My trajectory is exact and follows all. Everyone in the galaxy knows that once I deliver the job, I expect to get paid. Otherwise, my contractor better know how to defend himself."
-Malek Kriya, bounty hunter

Malek Kriya, Mandalorian bounty hunter.

By 33 BBY, Malek's reputation as a bounty hunter began to come to light. Although he would be surpassed by Jango Fett, he would be seen as the second best bounty hunter in the galaxy. During the final decade of the Galactic Republic, Jango Fett was being recognized as one of the best bounty hunters who ever lived. Still, Malek would not be overshadowed by his former leader & friend, for Malek's repuation started out as a team of brutal hunters & mercenaries. As the Kriya clan completed their bounties across the galaxy, Malek completed his own, making five million credits in less than two years. Seven years later in 26 BBY, Malek worked with Jango Fett once more, and would do for a year. The two completed numerous bounties, in which Jango would even help Malek in becoming more known to the galaxy. During the same time, the Galactic Republic sparked a major interest in Malek's skills, and his clan of bounty hunters. Contatced by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and asked him for his services. Malek agreed on the condition that his kin would also join him, and that they would all be cleansed from their recent Republic "crimes", and that no one would speak of it. Agreeing, Malek and his clan were acquitted of all charges put on them, after they killed several Jedi years ago, during the final year of the Mandalorian Civil War. For the next ten years, Malek took on several bounties, taking out several assassins, and even corrupt assassins. He was also paid several times to protect Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo shortly after she became senator in 25 BBY. He was able to take down several assassins who threatened to kill her. Malek's repuation as a bounty hunter made him known as being completely cold-blooded, ruthless, merciless, and a deadly adversary. Because of this, Malek became known as the second best and most known bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Eve of the War (22 BBY)[edit | edit source]

"Nice job Jango. Offering yourself as the cloning template benefited you. You got yourself a son, but I believe that was the reason to aaccomplish your other goals."
"You are right my old friend. What have you been doing all these years?"
"Bounty after bounty after bouty."
"Your a busy man."
"That I am."
-Malek and Jango on Kamnio

Malek and his clan hunt for surviving Jedi within a Republic base.

In 22 BBY, Malek and his clan broke ties with the Galactic Republic and decided to take their work into the galaxy once more. When roaming the galaxy, the Mandalorian clan came across the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which was being led by the Dark Lord of the Sith Count Dooku. Since he knew that Jango was already working for him, he believed he could get Malek and the rest of the Kriyans to work for him and the Separatists. Accepting his offer, Malek and his clan joined forces with the Sith Lord. Heading to Geonosis, Malek participated in the capture of Padmé Amidala, much to her surprise that the same Mandalorian who had been hired by the Jedi to protect her, was now working for Dooku, and also, the Neimoidian Viceroy, Nute Gunray, whom was the man who had ordered several assassination attempts on her. After taking her away, Jango Fett had also captured Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker. Once the two were taken to the arena, Malek joined Jango in watching Anakin, Padme, and Obi-Wan Kenobi be executed within the gladiatorial execution arena. However they were unaware of Jedi Master Mace Windu and his 212 Jedi were landing on the planet. After Obi-Wan, Anakin and Amidala were freed, Malek and Jango joined the fight. Malek went on killing of several Jedi, aiding the Separatists forces. A few minutes later, Malek noticed Jango facing of against Jedi Master Windu. A few seconds later, Jango was beheaded, and his body tumbled to the floor. After a fierce arena battle, the few surviving Jedi, which suffered extremely high casualties were carried away in gunships. Boba Fett later emerged from his hiding spot and went to his father's body. Cradling his helmet, Malek went to Boba and told him he was sorry for his loss, and that if he had not been held up he would have helped him. Boba told Malek that it wasn't his fault and that he didn't blame him, for he knew they were good friends. Deciding to walk different paths, the two split ways, with Boba vowing to meet him again soon, and Malek agreed.

Clone Wars (22 BBY-19 BBY)[edit | edit source]

"I hate Malek. He thinks he's so good."
"Sadly Dossk, he is one of the best, after Jango. Also, I hate the fact that he's my brother."
-Jorak and Dossk, speaking about Malek

Shortly after Geonosis, Malek began working for the Separatists as a full time bounty hunter, and at several times, he collaborated with notorious Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane. Throughout the war, Malek was responsible for perpetrating attacks on several Republic cruisers, and the deaths of many important senators. Malek would never involve himself in the war itself, for he did not want to get caught by the Republic, or the Jedi. Still, several times, when on missions, Malek fought against several Jedi, and many were Shaak Ti, Luminara Unduli, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, which he all met during his attacks on Republic cruisers. At one point during the war, Malek was captured by clone troopers during a Republic ambush, but managed to escape, without some of his weapons.

Joining the Mandalorian Guild[edit | edit source]
"I am Malek Kriya of the Kriya Clan, and we have longed to join you."
"Ah, yes we have heard of you Malek, and your clan as well. Why do you want to join us?"
"My parents died serving what we True Mandalorians fought for. I served Jaster Mereel, alongside your fathers, brothers, and sisters. I look to continue living the legacy my parents left behind. We the Kriyans look to serve the guild as we did years ago in Mereel's Mandalorians."
"Welcome to the Guild Mal'Ko. Vod, your one of us."
-Malek and the Kriya Clan join the Mandalorian Guild

The Mandalorian Guild

When on a mission, Malek and his clan were attacked by a Separatists fleet, when they clashed with Republic forces. Malek's ship was damaged, along with it's hyperdrive, and since coordinates were already pinpointed, the navigational computer was also damaged, seting of different coordinates, and sent them crashing within the Mandalorian sector. Landing on one of the planets, Malek and his clan managed to survive, with few injuries, although Malek lost his legs. In the distance, Malek saw a base ahead, and told the highest ranking women of his clan to help the injured while he and two others went on to check on base. However, two Mandalorians, aware of the crash came to check on them. Believing Malek and his clans words, they were taken to the base and treated for their injuries. Malek recieved prosthetic legs, as his men and women were all healed. After a small conversation, Malek and his clan joined the Mandalorian Guild, where the Kriyans served as a backbone and support, while Malek served as a commander. Aiding the guild in

Malek and Ailyn share a near-romantic moment on Mandalore.

numerous attacks on rivaling Mandalorians squads and the Death Watch, Malek would officially break ties with the Separatists, and disappeared from their views, along with the Republic's view.

A few weeks after joining the Guild, Malek met a female Zenolian named Ailyn Luz, who was also a Mandalorian bounty hunter. Malek met her when he saved her from a Death Watch attacked, which left her in shock, upon the death of her brother and sister. Taking her to the Guild's headquarters, Malek managed to heal her, to which she would thank. During that time, Malek and Ailyn started to work together, and also began to develop feelings for one another. When the two went to Mandalore, they arrived on the city of Keldabe where both warriors confessed their feelings for one another. Revealing to one another that they were also Zenolians, both Malek and Ailyn knew that together they could unite Zeno and Mandalore one day. They married later in 21 BBY on Concord Dawn, and in 20 BBY they gave birth to their first child Mirta Kriya, and in 19 BBY, they gave birth to their first and only son named Zatar Kriya, and in 17 BBY, they gave birth to their third and final child, whom they named Miranda Kriya.

Death Watch Infiltration[edit | edit source]
"Fellow Vode, I'm of to infiltrate the Death Watch. With this, I can help us in gaining and keeping our advantage against them, and hopefully destroy them from the inside."
"That's a good plan. Return alive."
"To kill me, it is very difficult my freind. I will keep watch as well, and feed you info from the inside."
-Malek and a fellow member of the Guild

Malek as a Death Watch lieutenant.

A few weeks after meeting Ailyn, Malek told the Guild and his clan that he would join the Death Watch, via infiltration, in the hopes of breaking them from the inside. Given permission by Beviin, Malek went of to Concordia to meet with Pre Vizsla, after arranging a meeting with the Death Watch leader. Once he arrived, Malek found the Concordian mines and disguised himself in Death Watch attire, and pledged his loyalty to Pre Vizsla, becoming Vizsla's personal assassin. For almost a year, Malek remained within the splinter group, feeding of information to the guild, and secretly aiding them in attacks on the Death Watch. During his time as a Death Watch member, Malek rose to the rank of lieutenant to less than a month, and worked alongisde lieutenant Bo-Katan several times, and at most times, much to his disgust, worked with his brother Jorak Kriya. Malek's intentions remained secret, and weren't discovered until 21 BBY. Nevertheless, Malek did not keep himself from killing of several Death Watch when on missions, or he would lead them into a Mandalorian Guild ambush, and would make lies to Vizsla about them being ambushed. Vizsla believed Malek's words, and Malek would then begin to gain Bo-Katan's trust.

Discovered[edit | edit source]
"(blasts fired) Yes, it was me."
"How could you have betrayed the Death Watch and the Nite Owls."
"(laughing) How could I have betrayed them, if I never really was was apart of them."
"Wait! It's you, my brother, MALEK!"
"Yes, it is me. Wow Jorak, you do have a brain."
"Stand down Malek. In the name of the Death Watch, you will die."
"(laughing) Bo-Katan, really? I'd like to see that happen."
"Temper, temper, temper, Jorak (laughing).
-An unidentified Death Watch soldier, Bo-Katan, Malek and Jorak

Malek draws his rifle on the Death Watch after being discovered.

A year into his infiltration, Malek had been highly successful in several attacks against the Death Watch, and with the death of several notable commanders.  This sparked Vizsla's mind into wondering how they lost against the Mandalorian Guild several times. During the final stages of the year of 21 BBY, Malek was contacting the Mandalorian Guild on a recently constructed Death Watch outpost out in the Outer Rim Territories. During the transmission, a Death Watch soldier notcied Malek talking to the guild, and quickly opened fire on him, shooting the comlink in the process. Angered, Malek lunged himself at the Mandalorian and snapped his neck, however, he was unaware of another Mandalorian watching him, who told Vizsla, Bo-Katan and Jorak about the situation. Knowing that his plan had now been seen, Malek walked out the base, and decided to confront the future problem that he was about to face. Once he exited the Death Watch base, Vizsla, Bo-Katan and Jorak were waiting for him, along with the Mandalorian who warned them. Having his rilfe ready, Malek was scolded by the same Mandalorian who had revealed his plans, after killing another soldier. The Mandalorian revealed he looked up to him, believing he would be like him some day. Not caring, and saying that he would never be like him, for it would be impossible to him to reach it, and even if he did, he would not live to see it. Malek lifted his blaster and shot the Mandalorian in the chest killing him, and then shot two more warriors who were coming to aid thier leader and generals. Malek decided that he would meet them again when the time comes. Ordering his men to fire, Malek threw a smoke grenade and flew away. Disappearing, Vizsla told Jorak to hunt down Malek, and kill him. Jorak took it up, and followed Malek to the Mandalorian Guild's headquarters.

Rejoining the Republic[edit | edit source]

Mission to Felucia[edit | edit source]
"The things that I have done is done. Care not for that, for what you have to face is right in front of you."
"The actions of our guild matter not right now. We are helping you now and that's all that matters. After this, we each can go back to our business. Understood!
"Yes sir!"
"We clear on everything."
"Yes sir!"
"We may be different spieces, but in the end we are all Vode."
"Vode An!" (Malek)
"Vode An!" (Andrea)
"Vode An! (clone troopers)
-Malek and Andrea with several clone troopers

Shortly after the reformation of the Mandalorian Guild, alongside several members, Malek headed to the planet of

Malek Kriya and Andrea Deveraux before heading to Felucia.

Felucia. After landing on the planet, Malek and several other Mandalorians received an incoming transmission from a clone commando named Boss, who was informing them of the situation. Seeing it as a chance to help the Galactic Republic for a good price, Malek agreed to help them, setting aside the problems he had caused on the Republic's capital of Coruscant, Malek was acquainted of all charges against him by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine via a hologram to the entire Galactic Senate much to the disappointment of Naboo Senator Padmé Amidala, and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Once this was done, alongside fellow guild member Andrea Deveraux, and several clone troopers, the two Mandalorians marched onto Separatists gained territory of the planet on their speeders, to which they then would receive information from Boss once more telling them the

Unaware, the Rancor silently walks toward Malek.

locations of several droid bases in the area, and that their were several rancors, and eventually, both would take the warning into consideration, due to how dangerous rancors are.

Malek and Andrea would lead their troopers into a battle with several newly upgraded Separatists droids, who had strong armor than most, to which would end up causing the two Mandalorians to lose several of their men, but were still able to destroy the advancing troops. After this, Malek left to meet another fellow Mandalorian named Jaws Ordo, since Andrea had to return the few remaining troops to a medical base.

Before rendezvousing with Jaws, Malek would be attacked by a rancor, which was sent out by the Separatists. Unaware at first, Malek would instantly be attacked by a quick arm swipe sending him flying towards a giant plant. Losing his blaster by the impact, Malek had no chance in reaching it since the rancor crushed it when it started to run towards him. Pulling out his blasters, Malek shot the rancor several times, and got to the point where he shot it's eyes out. Before he could do anything else, two blasts came and hit the rancor in the chest, which would eventually kill it. Jaws had

Malek picking up samples of blue mushrooms.

come to aid Malek who had slightly injured his right leg by the blow, but still decided to fight on. After the two Mandalorians met up with Jedi Knight Ana Zett, who would give each of them a mission. Malek was ordered to pick up several samples of blue mushrooms that would benefit the production of clone troopers in order to help the Republic. After picking up all six samples, Malek brought them to the Republic base, so they could later be brought to Kamino for examination and testing. Knowing he would stay longer than usual, Malek would return to his ship and pick up several weapons, and such were the Shadow Tech rifle, Warlord pistols, and some thermal grenades. After doing so, he got back on his speeder and hurried back to the base, but was unexpectedly attacked by three droids, who fired at him, hitting his speeder, causing it to go out of control, and send him crashing. Luckily he used his jetpack to

Malek draws his Westar-34 blaster pistols in defense against several droids.

escape the damaged speeder before it had crashed. Picking up several incoming droids on his scanners, Malek drew up his blasters and began shooting. Knowing he was still far away from the base, he decided not to contact them, for he didn't want them to lose any troopers. Knowing he was outnumbered, Malek cared not, and continued to blast down several droids that came in his way. However, because he was focusing on the droids only, Malek was unaware that General Grievous was coming behind him on his speeder. While more droids approached Malek's location, he began to notice that there were boxing him in for a reason, and before he could turn around, Grievous grabbed him and slammed him down. Getting up, Malek saw the cyborg general, and instantly challenged him to a duel. Taking out his darksabers, Malek would be surprised upon seeing the Separatist General take out four blades, revealing four arms. Still, Malek went in and charged onto Grievous.

Duel with Grievous[edit | edit source]
"Hahahaha, you may not be a Jedi, but your lightsabers will be perfect to add to my collection."
I don't think so General. I am full of surprises. If I am able to withstand my own against Jedi and Sith, I can stand against some factory made trash."
-Malek and Grievous during their duel

Malek engages General Grievous for the first time on Felucia.

Spinning his blades around with speed, Grievous also charged onto Malek and engaged him in their first duel on Felucia. Because of the general's newly added features, Malek had a hard time holding out against Grievous, but eventually managed to put a strong defense and quick offense, almost gaining the advantage many times. However, Grievous managed to disarm Malek's left arm by a strong blow, and took the advantage, by applying three blades onto his remaining darksaber and used the last one to slice him on the legs, eventually cutting them of through the use of cho mok'. Believing the Mandalorian to be completely defenseless, Grievous prepared to kill Malek, until a blast shot one lightsaber of one of his right hands. It was another fellow Mandalorian from the Mandalorian Guild. The female warrior kept firing at Grievous who would charge at her, and taking advantage Malek unleashed his Kade'vor

Malek with his new prosthetic legs prepares to return to his mission on Felucia.

Lightning on the General and pinned him to the groud. Once that was done, he unleashed a wave of lightning and threw at all the droids, destroying them. Barely moving, the female Mandalorian would help Malek to her speeder and brought him to the Republic base, where he would be taken to the infirmary to receive prosthetic legs.

After a few hours, Malek awoke, because he had been left unconscious by the amount of energy he used on the general and his droids. Seeing his new legs, Malek tested them out to see if they worked well, and he would easily gain the hang of it. After this, Malek was sent of to Felucia once more, where he was dropped of by two generals of the Mandalorian Guild. Once he landed, he was given his next mission, which involved taking out a Highsinger droid, that was responsible for the deaths and disappearances of several clone troopers. Malek would however not require the aid of clone troopers, because he believed that if they lured the assassin droid out by only sending him and some members of the guild he would come out to fight them, because it was only interested in strong opponents. Taking his hunter rifle, Malek left with four members of the guild to track the droid. After searching, General Red found the droid, and contacted everyone to come to his location. Arriving, Malek and his fellow guild members began firing at the assassin droid, who proved to be a far more dangerous opponent than it had been said by surviving clones. The Highsinger proved to withstand several blaster fire. Using his new legs, Malek displayed his use of martial arts against the assassin droid, but would do little damage as one punch would send him flying. One one knee Malek fired with his Warlord pistols, as the others with rifles, and after minutes of shooting and fighting, they were able to pin down the droid. But, still in power he threw a smoke bomb and escaped, leaving much of his weapons behind, and few Separatists plans that were on him. Malek picked it up and took flight in his jetpack and returned to the Republic base, and told the Mandalorians who had helped him that he would be back as soon as his job was done, and that the guild working for the Republic in this case benefited the guild only.

Secondary Stages[edit | edit source]

"Felucia is a pretty big planet, no lie about that."
-Malek during a misssion

After the Highsinger mission, Malek was assigned in bringing medical supplies to the site of a crashed LAAT west

The b2 Assault droid lies destroyed after Malek attacked it from behind.

of the Separatists base. Malek would make quick work of the mission and any droids who came his way. Deliever the supplies, Malek made way to complete his next mission. After arriving on the Republic base, Malek was tasked with destroying a new B2 Assault droid, in order to see why it was tough to take down. Taking his Shadow Tech Rifle, Malek headed once more to the Separatist base and would later on locate the droid east of it's primary location. Moving silently towards the droid, Malek threw several thermal grenades around it to get it distracted as to which direction it was being attacked from. As soon as he confused it, Malek went and attack the B2 Assault droid, who was able to withstand any shot thrown at him for a short amount of time. Alerting other droids in the area, Malek took flight in his jetpack and shot down all the incoming droids, until he was able to get an easy shot on the droid. Aiming towards it's head, Malek fired and killed the droid. He then took the body to the Republic base so it could be studied, and determine why it had such tough armor.

Jedi aid[edit | edit source]
"Are you General Malek Kriya?"
"Yes I am, and you are Jedi Knight Ana Zett. Here's the piece you need to fix your lightsaber."
"Thank you, and continue to serve well."
-Malek and Jedi Knight Ana Zett

Malek shortly after handing Ana Zett her lightsaber channel observes the Jedi in constructing the piece.

After the droid mission, Malek was sent to help Jedi Knight Ana Zett with her lightsaber. Malek himself had no hate for the Jedi, nor he wanted to quarrel with them, but always found their battle tactics weak and ineffective, despite the fact they had given the Republic several victories. Getting the proper material for lightsaber construction, Malek went of in his speeder and traveled to Ana's location after she contacted him. Encountering several pirates on his way, who were working with the Separatists, Malek had no intention of being defeated, stopped, or killed by the Human, Zabrak and Twi'lek pirates. While riding his speeder, Malek shot down the incoming pirates with ease, using his Zenolian powers to drive his speeder. After traveling through the forests, Malek met up Jedi Knight Ana Zett and handed her the final piece needed for her lightsaber. Curious in how lightsabers were constructed, Malek stayed behind in seeing how it was done. Ana would agree and show him. After a few seconds, Ana fully constructed her lightsaber, which it would then work, prior to it not working. Receiving yet again another task, Malek departed and bid farewell to the Jedi wishing her the best of luck and that she continue serving her republic with honor. Malek then left and returned to the base.

Close enemies & Finishing touches[edit | edit source]
"We thank you for your work Malek. It was great serving under you."
"Likewise Boss, but you know I work for a price."
"Yes, and the fact that this benefited you, it also benefited us. I wish you well in your future."
"Thank you. Farewell Boss, and continue serving your Republic with honor. That's is what keeps it alive."
-Malek and Boss

Malek and Spectra find the droid.

Because of the overbearing missions, Malek was force to spent more than a week on Felucia in completing his final missions. One of the missions involved in gaining Intel from an astromech droid named RT-T3, but to do so he had to gather information by the Separatist base. Going with Spectra Phantom, the two went of in search of the base. Using their speeders, they would encounter several Sniper droidekas, B-1 battle droids, and BV-2 battle droids with tougher armor. Making quick work of them, Malek and Spectra were able to find the downed B-1 battle droid, which had been taken down by an electrical shock from RT-T3. After scanning the area, they determined that RT-T3 had left after being discovered and fled in order not to get caught by any other droids. Once more, they headed into the Felucian forest, where they found RT-T3 moving around in circles waiting for it's information to be collected, but noticing quickly, Malek shot down five incoming droids and then retrieved the info needed for the Republic. Thanking Spectra for his assistance, the two departed to their separate destinations, to continue carrying their missions. As soon as Malek returned to the base, a clone trooper came out of the blue and threw himself into

Malek takes aim at the traitorous clone trooper.

the Mandalorian knocking him of his speeder, sending it crashing into a wall of the base, causing minimal damage, and a few injuries to clones who were near the area. Kicking him of, Malek got to his feet, and grabbed him lifting him of the ground and threw him in anger. Boss who had seen what happened ask the trooper why he did that, but he wouldn't answer. Instead he pulled out a blaster pistol and pointed it at Malek, threatening to kill him if he did anything. The trooper then said that he was jealous all the praise Malek was getting, and that it was not right they confide their trust into an enemy of the Republic. Malek then pulled out his pistol and told the clone that his actions were his own, thus was his job as a Mandalorian, and that he eventually had no quarrel with them and was looking to reinstate his Republic bounty hunting career. The trooper simply mocked Malek and continue saying he would kill him. Having no choice, and knowing it would hurt them, Malek instantly shot the trooper without moving, and quickly put his pistol away. Walking to his body, the trooper revealed to Malek that the reason he met so much resistance was because of him sending pieces of information to the Separatists on his location and where he would be, thus explained the reason on why he lost his legs, since he informed Grievous. Asking for forgiveness on his stubbornness and idiotic actions, Malek told him it was not needed for it wasn't his fault. He had left dark actions get the best of him. Saying a prayer in Mando'a , he told the trooper to die in and go in peace, which he would do. Malek was then given his payment and left Felucia with the Mandalorian Guild, where he would await for the Republic to contact him in the needs of his bounty hunting services.

Acolyte Mission[edit | edit source]

"We need your help Malek."
"Why is that?"
"Your skills are legendary with a blade. We need you take care of an acolyte of Dooku's on Dathomir."
"Ok. I will take this offer."
-The Jedi Council to Malek

Malek confronts the dark acolyte Wiffa Zett on Dathomir.

A few days after Felucia, the Jedi Council contacted Malek again. Since he was already recognized as a Mandalorian legend, Malek was asked to remove a Sith Acolyte who was located on Dathomir, and an apprentice to the Sith Lord Count Dooku. Taking up the mission, Malek brandished his lightsaber and said that it was time for the dark-sider to meet his/her end. Escorted to Dathomir in a Venator Class-Crusier, Malek made his way toward an ancient arena, known as the Crucible, which was the location of the female acolyte. Taking only his blades, Malek left the ship in his jetpack and landed in the arena. Igniting his blade, Malek charged at the acolyte, who after sensing his arrival, Wiffa Zett, as she shouted her name, also charged on Malek. Using a red blade he possessed, Malek would viciously duel Wiffa. As the two engaged in the duel, Wiffa was shocked on how Malek was able to resist her Force powers, as he was even able to use similar abilities to that of hers. In her confusion, Malek seized the opportunity to drive his blade through her heart, killing her. Malek returned to the Jedi Temple and received his payment.

Skirmish on Carlac[edit | edit source]

"You cause me more trouble than anyone. Malek, you will pay for staging this attack."
-Pre Vizsla to a disguised Malek

Once Malek had returned to the Mandalorian Guild, he would help them out in a mission which involved attacking the

The Mandalorian Guild plan their attack on the Death Watch.

Death Watch. Knowing this was his chance in finishing of Pre Vizsla, Malek helped the guild in coordinating the attack. Under the command of General Redspark Fett, Malek joined Red, along with Jate Ordo in the first mission. Armed with his primary sniper rifle and Darksaber, Malek, Red and Jate, the three Mandalorian warriors charged on the village and began their mission. Cursing the Death Watch in Mando'a, Malek prepared himself and vowed he would protect his vode, no matter the cost. Surprisingly, the Death Watch were unaware of the attack.

Captive Village[edit | edit source]
"They provide no challenge. The Death Watch are weak."
-Malek during the attack on the Death Watch

Malek, Red, and Jate prepare to shoot at incoming Death Watch soldiers.

As soon as the mission went underway, Malek, Jate and Red charged on the Death Watch, shooting down anyone who got in their way. Using hatred to allign his targets, Malek showed little difficulty in killing the Death Watch Elite soldiers with a single shot back-to-back without wasting a breath. As the three Mandalorians massacred several members, they would see that the Death Watch was waiting for them, and were putting up enough resistance to say they weren't gonna give up the village for it was there's and that they wouldn't even give up to the Republic. Upon reaching the center of the village, the three met one of the three Death Watch lieutenants, who was named Kherr Dawar. A strong female, Kherr would fight the three warriors in a three-on-one handicap duel. Throughout the fight, Malek taunted the female lieutenant, causing her to get mad. Relying on several martial arts tactics, and also his rifle, with Red and Jate, the three managed to defeat and kill Kherr with three shots to the chest. After this, Republic LAAT'S came in to help by putting out fires, allowing them to gain further access of the Ming Po village. As they advanced the three Mandalorian Guild warriors knew they were getting closer to Pre Vizsla's location, as seen on their helmets HUD. After fending of against

Malek draws Vizsla's attention towards him, while Red and Jate (not shown) heal themselves.

Kro Lann and Mord Jayran, they went to confront Vizsla. Vizsla was able to find out that Malek was one of the men responsible for the attack, and went on the attempt to kill him for all their losses against the Guild. Revealing his own Darksaber, Pre was shocked upon seeing Malek's darksaber again, knowing that Malek was a incredibly and highly skilled swordsman. Using brute force, and Malek alike, he clashed his darksaber with Vizsla while speaking to him in Mando'a, as even Concordian. This confused Pre Vizsla, but he did not care. Almost injuring Red and Jate with the blade, Malek drew his attention long enough for Red to take the final blow in knocking out Vizsla with his EE-3 Carbine Rifle by a blow to the head. However, Vizsla was picked up by Bo-Katan who fled with the Death Watch leader. Disappointed, Malek knew that only one good thing came out, which was that the main village had been saved along with the remaining Ming Po. After this, Malek would continue to help out the guild in numerous attacks on the Death Watch. After three weeks, Malek returned to his mission in infiltrating the Death Watch and killing Vizsla. Departing, Malek took of to meet up with the Death Watch in a given location. Later on, Malek devised a plan that involved the Death Watch once more.

Final march for Mandalore[edit | edit source]

A broken alliance[edit | edit source]

"Wow, who knew, Sith Lords, interesting. I wonder what it is that they plan".
"We will have to wait, see and hear. But I don't trust them, not one bit, and soon they will die."
"I don't either, but no matter how much I hate Vizsla, I agree with him on betraying them and killing them, but we are gonna have to be careful with these two Sith. They are stronger than they look. One thing that Vizsla does is that he underestimates others. I don't. That is why I am careful around these Zabraks. I have killed dark-side users before, but these two, I'm not so sure."
"So you think it would be hard to kill them?
"Yes, the Force is their advantage, while we have nothing, which is what they believe. For our advantage is something we each know, but are not all the same. Like some, I can resist many types of Force attacks, or as one can say, Jedi Mind tricks.
"Well that can benefit us."
"Yes it can, but right now let's focus on our mission, and on how we will kill them."
-Malek and Bo-Katan discuss about the fate of Maul and Savage

Pre Vizsla and Darth Maul form an alliance in order to takeover Mandalore, and to also get revenge on Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Some time after the Carlac mission, Malek joined Vizsla on an expedition in space. While roaming they came across a ship, to which held both Maul and Savage in it's cockpit. Both siblings had already claimed themselves as Dark Lords of the Sith, but were critically wounded following their defeat against Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Taking the two Sith brothers with them, the Death Watch brought them to their base on the swamp moon of Zanbar. Due to Malek's skills in contructing items, he provided Maul with new cybernetic legs, replacing the ones made by Mother Talzin and a artificial substitute for Savage's severed arm. Since both Maul and Vizsla had a common enemy, the two formed an unstable alliance, focused on taking down Obi-Wan. Malek had no intention of getting involved with the Jedi, although he found that this would be the perfect chance to kill Vizsla. Revealing his intentions to another Death Watch member, to avoid problems, Malek shot the Mandaorian in the head and took his body and threw it into a swamp.

Mustafar Mission[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the formation of the alliance between Maul and Vizsla, the Death Watch leader was already bent and ready on attacking Mandalore, as he also had men standing by him and waiting on the planet. However, Maul stated that they weren't ready, and to do a successful attack, he suggested in enlisting the Black Sun, who were located on the planet of Mustafar. Malek would join Vizsla, in addition with other Death Watch members in traveling the the planet. Upon arrival, they met with the leaders of the Black Sun, in which they were escorted by Ziton Moj to meet with them. After a small audience with the Black Sun leaders, both Maul and Vizsla were mocked, only to later on be killed at the hands of Savage Opress by throwing is lightsaber, decapitating them all. After this, Ziton decided to join Maul's alliance. Due to the Black Sun joining the Death Watch as well, the splinter group had now gained the supplies that they needed for their cause. Later returning to Zanbar, Maul and Vizsla both argued on their visions of taking control of all Mandalore, but of course their was only one vision of success, to which Maul preferred his, and the only choice Vizsla did was quietly subject to Maul's orders, but began to plot matters into his own hands. Shortly after their discussion, the Pyke Syndicate under the leadership of Lom Pyke said he was wiling to join them, since he had no desire to oppose Maul.

Mission on Nal Hutta[edit | edit source]

Once the Pyke's joined Maul's newly formed Shadow Collective, the next step in the plan was to head to Nal Hutta, where they now seeked to enist the Hutt Grand Council to their cause. Things wouldn't go as planned as negotiations would be a complete failure, bounty hunters appeared from their hiding spots and began pursuing iring at the brothers and Vizsla, while Malek, Bo-Katan and her Nite Owls were awaiting the return of the two. In return Malek began firing at the bounty hunters holding them back, killing several Hutt guards easily without even moving, as only to later engage them in unarmed combat, where he easily beat Sugi as Savage took care of Embo, and killed the remaining Hutt guards by shooting or by breaking their neck.Dengar and Latts Razzi were also easily beaten by Malek, but since he was on a strict schedule, he decided to let them live. The bounty hunters were then able to flee safely, although Oruba was captured in the aftermath. Wirth his last words, the Hutt told the Death Watch warriors and the Sith Lord brothers on where Jabba had taken refuge. Sayingthat Jabba had fled to Tatooine, under orders from Maul, Opress killed Oruba, while Malek took care of destroying the palace completely.

Final Mission, Tatooine[edit | edit source]

Malek fights a Gammorrean Hutt guard during the mini Death Watch attack on Jabba the Hutt's palace.

After learning that the Hutts had fled to Jabba's Palace the Zabrak brothers and the Death Watch launched a mini attack, where they were giving Jabba one last chance to join them, or he will die. Now at the hands of the Shadow Collective, jabba and the Hutts were amazed at how they performed in action, and in doing so, the Hutts agreed to join them. Not amazed at all, Malek left the palace only to catch up to both Vizsla and Bo, who were planning on taking over Mandalore after they finished of both Savage and Maul. Malek simply smiled at Vizsla words, and even agreed with him, but as soon as Vizsla and Bo-Katan left the area to prepare the ships, Malek smiled, and said in Mando'a, "Vizsla, Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur".

The Mandalore Takeover[edit | edit source]

"Mandalore is now ours. After years of waiting we have proclaimed our home and returned the true Mandalorian faith. And now with Satine's rule at an end, I am now proclaim myself as Mand'alor."
-Pre Vizsla to the Death Watch

After the formation of the Shadow Collective Maul began forcing his

Malek alongside Bo-Katan and Pre Vizsla confront Satine during the Takeover of Mandalore.

leadership upon the Death Watch, which now left both Bo-Katan and Pre Vizsla plotting the deaths of both Maul and Savage, as also Malek agreed to participate in taking their lives. While the "army" attacked various targets across the capital city of Sundari, causing havoc and terror. Under orders, Vizsla and Death Watch were sent to "capture" the Sith brothers and to bring them to justice, as even acting as saviors. Through an act of manipulation and lies, Vizsla quickly gained the people' support by demonstrating that Duchess couldn't protect them anymore. Later, Kryze was arrested by both Malek and Bo-Katan, while Vizsla took the chance to have the two Sith brothers arrested and had them sent to Sundari prison. Naturally, Vizsla stated he had no intention of spreading their success to the other 2,000 neutral systems. Showing his honor, Vizsla said that he would still finish of what they agreed with eariler, which was to remove Kenobi, and that Maul would have no choice and to the submit to the Death Watch's leader's rule.

Death of Vizsla[edit | edit source]
"I would have preferred shooting Vizsla, but not killing him in that extent."
"Change of heart, eh, Malek?"
"No, but I have a formal way of killing my enemies, much to which I enjoy. If I want I could kill you right now, but that would be a waste of my time. "
"I see. Well, are you gonna help us?"
"I will do my side of the job, and you do yours. Deal?"
"Same for me. By the way, I am Ailyn Luz, Malek's huband. I do my job as to how I want it. Understood?"
"Ok, and yes, I understand."
-Malekand Ailyn reveal themselves to Bo-Katan

Malek, on the right side of Bo-Katan, stare, stunned, at Vizsla's decapitated body at the hands of Maul.

After the two brothers were imprisoned, Vizsla took the title of Mand'alor, claiming it was rightfully his. However, all were unaware on how easy both Maul and Savage were able to escape, with an extra hand, who was none other than Almec, the former Prime Minister of Mandalore. After they escaped and reached the palace, they entered the throne room, where Maul instantly challenged Vizsla to a duel, and Vizsla would accept. Similar to his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Vizsla used his jetpack, blaster pistols, grenades and his Darksaber to gain an advantage over the Sith Lord. However, although he was able to hold out against Maul, it would not be enough to defeat the Sith Lord, and Maul would prove victorious. On his knees, and at the mercy of Maul, Vizsla said his finals words, which were "Like you said, only the strongest shall rule" and accepted his death.

Infiltration and Prelude to Mandalore's fall[edit | edit source]

Malek disguises himself a Mandalorian super commando in order to infiltrate Darth Maul's Shadow Collective.

Prior to the battle, Malek had previously disguised himself as a Mandalorian super commando in order to help his new allies. Following Vizsla's death, Malek knew that he had no choice but to join Bo, since the Death Watch faction was particularly still alive. Shortly after some members of the Death Watch sided with Maul, in the dark of night, Malek sneaked behind one Mandalorian super commando and killed him by breaking his neck. Taking the armor, and disguising the dead one in his armor, Malek brought the body to Maul and told him that this Mandalorian was trying to sneak in the castle to kill the Sith Lord, but he was able to finish him of. Maul would believe the story and gave him the rank of commander, which allowed him to be second in charge in the super commandos. However, when Korkie Kryze tried to rescue his aunt Duchess Satine Krye, Bo-Katan aided in the escape, to which was revealed that she was Satine's sister. As they escaped, Malek noticed several Mandalorian commandos, who contacted one another, and would quickly contact Bo and Ailyn (secretly), who prepared themselves to fight. However the rescue failed, causing Malek returned to Bo-Katan where he regained his armor back, and would later take the fight to the traitorous Mandalorians. Some time later, Obi-Wan was captured by the Mandalorian super commandos, after he

Malek fighting Mandalorian super commandos during the Battle of Sundari

himself also failed to rescue Satine Kryze. During Obi-Wan's capture, Satine was brutally killed by Maul, who used the Darksaber in order to torture and get back at Obi-Wan, since he had no desire to kill him. Knowing that they had to rescue the Jedi Master, Malek went of with Bo-Katan of to the Sundari prison. During this situation, Ailyn revealed herself to the Nite Owls and remaining Death Watch members.

Battle of Sundari[edit | edit source]
"This was a costly battle, we lost a lot of great men. No matter how much I hate the Death Watch, these who fought for Mandalore didn't deserve it. They died with honor."
"I say the same. Sadly some members of our clans Malek fought as well, and died. They were our Vode, who showed what it meant to be a true Mandalorian.
"Bo, we are sorry for your sister. There was nothing we could do."
"It's not your fault. She died for what was right, as did our warriors."
"We will continue fighting alongside you, as vode."
"(Malek and Xasha) It was an honor to serve under you, and meet you Bo."
"Likewise, Malek and Xasha"
-Malek, Ailyn and Lazen during the Battle of Sundari

Obi-Wan Kenobi's truce with Bo-Katan ended up giving Malek the opportunity to kill her, but he decided not to take it.

Arriving at the prison, Malek, the newly revealed Xasha and Bo-Katan saw Obi-Wan being escorted by the super commandos. Devising a quick plan, the Nite owls, and few remaining Death Watch soldiers ambushed the commandos, with Malek killing of three of them, one by shooting him in the face, and another by causing his jetpack to go out of control and crash into a nearby ship. Bo then handed Obi-Wan an extra jetpack, in order for them to leave the prison and fight of against Maul's Shadow Collective. Flying through the buildings and skies of Sundari, they battled against several commandos, each shooting and killing one another at a fast pace, suffering heavy casualties, which was the same for the city below. After finally engaging them in the hangar, which lead towards the Sundari docks, a giant door opened to reveal Sundari in ruins. Joining Bo-Katan in helping Obi-Wan being escorted of the planet, Malek fought against the super commandos, to then only leave a few minutes after Obi-Wan did, leaving Bo-Katan to fend of the enemy herself with her Nite Owls.

Death of Jorak[edit | edit source]
"You win brother. You win Malek, and I accept what you will do. You are the best man."
"I was always the best Jorak. I have always been better than you, better than Vizsla, better than Montross, better than Tor Vizsla, and even better than Bo-Katan, but one man was better than me."
"Jango Fett (blasts fired)."
-Malek and Jorak after their fight

Jorak draws his blaster at Malek.

Following the battle of Sundari, Malek and Ailyn returned to Concord Dawn and decided to go back to bounty hunting, but Ailyn would decide to take care of Mirta, after agreeing with Malek that he take up the bounties she couldn't take. While returning from a bounty, Malek was attacked by his brother Jorak above Concord Dawn, in his ship, who had been seeking vengeance on him for more than a year. Breaking in through a ship of the Mandalorian Guild, an alarm was raised after Jorak released a grenade, that destroyed several controls of the ship. Malek sent a message to the Guild telling them of the attack, but Jorak cut it of before he could say anymore. Looking through the window, Malek told his kin to hide, for it would be his fight, and they would do so. A few minutes later, Jorak lifted his blaster at Malek, who had his back to him. Right before pulling the trigger, Malek kicked of the blaster and lunged himself towards his older brother. Disbanding his weapons, Malek went on to fight his brother, who also threw his weapons away. Naturally, Jorak would be stronger than his brother, but Malek proved him wrong, overpowering him in strength and in martial arts, as he was able to send Jorak through three walls of the ship by simply kicking him in the abdomen. As the ship was torn from the inside by the two fighting brothers, Malek's scanner detected an implanted bomb in the engines of the ship, which was about to explode in less than ten minutes. After scanning once more, the bomb was revealed to be a Naft-YIN52 bomb, which was a well known bomb crafted by the Kriya clan. Quickly recovering his pistols, darksabers and hunter rifle, Malek ordered an immediate evac. of the ship. After hearing his order, Kriya Mandalorian that was in his ship complied with the message, and all entered escape pods and landed safely on Concord Dawn. Charging at Jorak once more, who had just recovered from a strong blow, Malek delievered consecutive strong punches and kicks which would throw Jorak in air, or would even be slammed down with tremendous force, denting the floor beneath him. Due to the ship's engines malfunctioning, several explosions would cause the two brothers to lose their balance, as it even began to fall apart. Knowig that his kin on the planet below were also in danger, Malek quickly and viciously attacked Jorak, punching and kicking him with even more force, causing Jorak to now take note that Malek was better than him in martial arts, and was far more stronger than him. Admitting defeat, Jorak spoke his last words, shortly before Malek shot him four times in the chest with his hunter rifle. Rushing through the ship, Malek was able to leave in his Kriyan I, a few seconds before his Mandalorian cruiser exploded.

Final Stages of the Clone Wars & Bounty Hunting[edit | edit source]

"I never expected much of it to be true. The war was just a plan, a well made plan. Still, I care not for what fate lays about the Jedi. I only seek to do one thing Ailyn."
"And what is that Malek?"
"Bounty hunting. I got make a path for myself in the universe you know. Still, I will take my time to take care of our child Mirta Kriya."
"Same here Malek, she is our child, the fruit of our love. I will stay alongside you, and take up bounty hunting again. The empire is a suitable enviorment."
-Malek and Ailyn talk about their priorities for the Galactic Empire

A year after Sundari and the death of his brother, Malek and his wife Ailyn took the time to take care of their daughter Mirta, who was now one year old. uring this time, Malek still took several bounties, since most of the galaxies bounty hunters had been imprisoned, or killed. He also aided his fellow Mandalorians in the guild in several missions against rivaling Mandalorian groups, whom all wanted to destroy the guild, but each failed. Reaching what would be his final prime years of the Clone Wars, Malek wondered if the war would end, for it started to become a waste of his time. He would stop taking bounties from several Republic and Separatists senators and decided to temporarily settle down, until a new oppurtunity came. A few weeks later, the Galactic Republic collapsed and was replaced by the Galactic Empire, under Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as the new and first ruler. After hearing the news, Malek returned to his bounty hunting career, with his wife Ailyn accompanying him throughout their twenty years of service with the Empire.

New Career and serving the Empire[edit | edit source]

"I got to admit it, the empire pays more than the Republic did."
"They do Malek. Deciding to work for them was a good idea."
"Well, you did get some good ideas over time."
"Is that a compliment Ailyn?"
(nervous laugh) "Uuuh, maybe."
" (laughing) I didn't think so my dear."
-Malek and Ailyn on serving the Empire

Malek and his wife Ailyn during a bounty hunting mission for the Empire in 11 BBY.

Pledging their full services to the Empire, Malek and Ailyn became full-time bounty hunters and assassins. While taking on assignments for the Empire, at the same time, Malek also took several missions for Jabba the Hutt and the Mandalorian Guild. Malek and Ailyn would for for the Empire for almost twenty years. Also, in 19 BBY, they gave birth to their second child, and would be their first and only son, whom they named Zatar Kriya, and in 17 BBY, Malek's wife gave birth to their second daughter and final child, whom they named Miranda Kriya. Over the years, Malek hunted down several Jedi who had survived the start of Order 66 and had gone into hiding. Claiming their lightsabers as his trophies, Malek would hand most of them to Sidious, who had asked for them. In his final year of service with the Empire, Malek completed his most notable bounty in his service with the empire. He had been tasked with taking down a widely known Jedi Knight of the Clone Wars. The Jedi's name was Shaden, a Zabrak Jedi, whom had been causing trouble for the Empire for the past two years. After finding him on Iridonia, where he planned an attack, alongside his wife and clan, they hunted down and killed his small Jedi army, with Malek killing Shaden himself. He took his lightsaber and handed it to Palpatine. Recieving a payment of 500,000 credits, Malek would take up his final bounty following the Shaden Hunt. However, not much information is known on Malek's years with the empire, due to the fact that most of his bounties were secret, or that information was not recorded properly. It is known that in 1 BBY, Malek and Ailyn broke ties with the Empire because of the initiation of the Mandalorian Clan Wars. Although his clan had taken up fewer jobs with the empire, the Kriya Clan also broke ties with Vader and Sidious to aid their leaders.

A Personal War (1 BBY-8 ABY)[edit | edit source]

"For years my clan fought against you, yet you still returned. I give you credit on that, but nothing more."
"Why thank you Malek, and what happened to your parents? Awwww did they die? So sad, and oh, how's your youngest daughter? HAHAHAHAHAHA! She's an amazing dancer.
"Watch what you say. Say that again and you die. No one makes fun of my parents, or does that to my daughter."
"Oh well, should have told me sooner. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
"Zatar, on my comand leave, understood Ad (son)."
"Yes Buir (father)."
"Aww, are the----(blast fired)"
"No one talks about my family, nor my daughter you trash".
-Malek kills the leader of the Rikan Clan after the latter insulted his parents and his daughter

Receiving orders from his father, Zatar Kriya escapes a Rikan Clan ambush.

A few months after falling out of league with the Empire, Malek would be invovled in one of the biggest Mandalorian Clan clashes in history. Returning to the Kriya Clan, Malek would meet up with fellow clan member Vhonte Kriya, who had informed of the current situation. Being told on the recent fight with the Rikan Clan, and the abduction of his youngest daughter, who had disappeared almost two months ago. Questioning her, Vhonte told Malek that they tried several times, but were always being ambushed by their rival clan, the Rikans. Not blaming her, Malek called his son and told him to accompany him to Concordia, for they were gonna have a conversation with Rien Rikan. Heading of to Concordia in Malek's primary ship, the Silent Watch I, Zatar would meet Rien for the first time, as would be the fifth encounter for Malek. After landing, Malek and Zatar were welcomed by the Rikan Clan leader himself, who would allow the two to enter his base. Upon entering, Malek and Ztar pulled out their blasters and killed of six guards, and instantly demanded the release of Miranda. Laughing and snapping his fingers, a trap door open, and a cage revealed itself from the floor, to which revealed a bounded Miranda, in chains and crying. Shouting and cursing in Mando'a, Malek angrily demanded the release of

Maleks kills Rien Rikan.

his daughter, to the extent of grabbing Rien by the neck, and holding him at gunpoint. Insulting his family and daughter, Malek shot and killed Rien, and was then able to unlock the cage that held his daughter. Breaking her shackles, the three were surrounded by several Mandalorian Rikan warriors. Not wanting to cause a bigger upset, although it was bound to happen, Malek ordered Zatar to leave, for he would take care of them. Complying, Zatar opened fire on several Rikan and exited the base through a nearby window. Noticing her armor, Miranda ran over to grab it, with Malek covering her, he helped his daughter in retrieving her armor and weapons. Still in shock, Malek knew he wouldn't be able to fight, and so he decided to use a smoke bomb to escape. Doing so, Malek dropped a few grenades with his daughter, who all left through the same window Zatar had open by crashing through it. Entering their ship, Malek, Zatar and Miranda returned to Concord Dawn, and prepared for the ensuring war that was about to begin. Knowing his decision in killing Rien was costly, Malek told Miranda it was best, and she agreed.

The war itself[edit | edit source]
"Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, I'm sorry. I caused this war."(crying)
"Udesii Miranda. It's not your fault my daughter. Gra'tua has been running in my family for hundreds of years. Even until now it continues."
It's true my daughter. Your father's family, the Kriyas were always known for their vengeance that they brought on other clans. So please my daughter, don't be so hard on your self.
"Yeah Vod. Udesii Miranda. Remember, Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade!
"Right, me, Mirta and Zatar are your 'ade. We are all verd. I had forgotten that for a while. But no more. Let's take the fight to the Rikan hut'unn and sent them to 'haran.
"Lets.!"(Malek, Ailyn, Mirta and Zatar)
-Malek, Ailyn, Mirta and Zatar are able to reinstate Mirta's strength and confidence in herself and family

The Mandalorian Clan War takes it's toll on Galidraan.

A month after the death of Rien Rikan, the Rikan Clan grew furious upon the death of their leader. Although they were able to gain a new leader, who was Rien's brother, named Jest Rikan, he was completely fueled with anger. The new found leader would declare war on the Kriya and it's allies, who had planned to annihilate them. The war between the two clans would be settled throughout several places however the three most known fights occurred on the most known Mandalorian planets. The Kriya Clan would be aided by four other clans, and a recently formed Mandalorian mercenary group, as the Rikan clan was aided by a remaining faction of the Death Watch and five other clans. Splitting themselves up, the Kriya and their allied clans would be stationed on Concord Dawn, Korda 6, Galidraan, and Concordia. While information on the war is mostly unknown, it is known that the Kriya and Lazen Clans suffered heavy losses, that led to their near-extinctions. Meanwhile, the Rikan Clan was completely destroyed once Jest Rikan was killed by Miranda Kriya in the name of honor and family. For the first four years of the war, the Rikan Clan seemed to have advantages depending on where they fought. As the Kriya fought side by side with other clans against the Rikan, they suffered twice as many losses than the Rikans, but sense both sides had a high number of members joining them, or getting aid from several other clans, it would be hard for them to be exterminated. As the war reached it's final two years, Malek changed the battle tactics for his clan and allies, that gave them an overwhelming advantage, as even able to coordinate successful ambushes. After almost ten years of fighting the war came to an end, with the Rikan Clan completely destroyed, as their allies were now few in numbers. Meanwhile the Kriya Clan had almost been completely exterminated because of it, as their allies were also wiped out, with fewer than three clans remaining on their side, as the

Malek & his daughter Miranda confront High General Koiu Rikan on Felucia.

mercenary Mandalorian group only had three survivors. Malek would however not count victory, and nor would the other clans. Gathering the remaining bodies, they headed back to Concord Dawn, where they prepared a funeral for the hundreds of warriors who had perished in the final battle. Arriving at the gravesite, where thousands of fallen Mandalorian warriors laid, they put to rest their kin, where they could be at peace. In ten years, the Kriyan clan and their allies lost more than half their kin, numbering in the hundreds. Stricken with grief, Malek now knew that the only full family that remained was his, and his childrens. Knowing that the only way they could keep the clans together, he called for a meeting which was held a week later. Agreeing, the leaders of the clans decided to form a group known as the "Fallen Mandalorians", which became the new name to all the survivng Mandalorian Clans, as much to their surpise, their enemies decided to join them in the name of honor. In the war itself, Malek fought with his daughter several times, where he was able to help heal her spirit, allowing her to finish of the Rikan generals.

The Fallen Mandalorians[edit | edit source]

"The reason this group was made was not just to honor our fallen brothers and sisters, but to honor the True Mandalorians and the Mandalorian Guild." They all fought for what we Mandalorians are today, and we will continue that legacy for years to come"
-Malek to the Mandalorian Clans shortly after being appointed leader of the Fallen Mandalorians

After the formation of the Fallen Mandalorians, Malek was appointed leader after his wife gave word to the High Generals in making him as an eligible choice. Malek appointed his wife Ailyn as second-in-command, his  daughters as Senior Generals, and his son as the Recruiting officer, but still had privileges of Senior General. During this time it had been years since the Galactic Civil War had already been fought, which led to the fall of the Galactic Empire and death of Darth Sidious, and the redemption of Darth Vader to Anakin Skywalker, who would also die just shortly after returning to the Jedi Way. When he became the leader of the Fallen Mandalorians, Malek granted his daughter and son the ranks of generals, while his wife would be second-in-command of the newly made Mandalorian reformation group. Several others would serve as commanders, and others would simply be identified as soldiers. Setting up several bases on Mandalore, Concordia, Korda 6, Corellia, and on Coruscant, the Fallen Mandalorians would become a trusted ally of the New Republic and also, they would take jobs as bounty hunters.

Yuuzhan Vong War (25-29 ABY)[edit | edit source]
"So have we come to an understanding Malek and Ailyn? Are you two gonna aid us in this war?"
"Yes Anor, we will aid you in this."
"Just don't kill us, please. We have had enough."
"Oh, don't worry I won't kill you. You are the foundation of our army."
"F-f-fair enough."(Malek and Ailyn)
-A now frightened Malek and Ailyn pledge their services to the Yuuzhan Vong after being brutally tortured by Nom Anor

In the year of 25 ABY, Malek and his wife were sent on a mission by the new Republic to go and investigate the

Malek and his wife Ailyn, not shown, investigate the destroyed New Republic base.

loss of a Republic base out in the Outer Rim territories. Leaving the squad in command of his son's daughter, in which Zatar was currently on a mission to Felucia, Malek departed of to Meridian sector, which was the location of the Republic base. When they landed on one of the planets, Malek and Ailyn could only bare to see that the entire base was completely destroyed, as bodies laid everywhere. While searching, they realized that the cause of the destruction came from the inside, but not by an accident, to which was done by a force of will. Seeing that there was nothing much they can do, they went back to their ship to leave the planet. However before they could, they were struck down by two Yuuzhan Vong warriors with amphistaffs on the back of their heads knocking them out. When they awoke, the two saw that they were in front of Nom Anor, a Yuuzhan Vong, who demanded they they help the Yuuzhan Vong in the upcoming pan-galactic conflict, seeking to destroy the New Republic. However the two Mandalorians stated they would not, for they wouldn't want to destroy the one government that kept them clean form bounty hunting crimes, as opposed to the Old Republic. Angered at there respone, he ordered the two be tortured with the most unbearable pain they could ever feel. After almost a

Nom Anor smiles as he watches Malek and Xasha are brutally tortured, in his quest to get the two join him.

half-hour of torture, under fear, Malek and Ailyn pledged their services to aiding the Yuuzhan Vong.

Wanting their children to join them as well, as even several other Mandalorians serving under the two, two Yuuzhan Vong warriors tied the two Mandalorians and gagged them until they arrived on Concord Dawn. Breaking their binds and returning to their weapons, they told them to do what Anor had asked them. Seeing no other way, Malek and Ailyn gave the news to their fellow Mandalorians, but were all unaware of the reason why. Clueless, the Fallen Mandalorians agreed to aid the Yuuzhan Vong, as their children would forceibly join after Zatar was threatened by the native species on Felucia, and Miranda and Mirta at the base. However, Vhonte Kriya would refuse to join the spieces saying that they can't force her. After shooting and killing one of the warriors, the second one charged in at her and stabbed her through the abdomen, fatally wounding her. Running to his Vhonte's aid, Malek would try to help his fellow, but she told him it was of no use, for it had entered to far, and gone through her back. Embracing her in tears, Vhonte would tell Malek to stay strong, and help Boba Fett in leading the Mandalorians through the war in order to survive. Asking for forgiveness on ot joining, Malek said it was no need, for she stood up for what she wanted. Saying their final words in Mando'a, Vhonte accepted her death and passed away peacefully. Muttering in Concordian, Malek vowed to do what his kin member said. After she died, Malek's daughter Miranda donned Vhonte's helmet in her memory, and he would use it also during his Mandalore years.

In 26 ABY, Malek was contacted by the New Republic forces, who were engaing the Yuuzhan Vong in a space battle. Requesting his help, Malek feared on what would happen to him and his family, he decided to give him battle strategies and tactics. With the help of his oldest daughter Mirta, Malek was able to hide and keep the call untraceable. Successfully sending the tactics, the Republic was able to use it and achieve victory, and would do so for the next two years in several battles, where Malek secretly aided them with the help of Boba Fett.

In the final year of the war, after Mandalore was assualted by the Yuuzhan Vong, and when Fett's and Malek's deception was uncovered they led a small squadron of Mandalorian soldiers against the attackers, where they were able to destroy two of their warships single handedly, despite taking moderate losses. Boba would later help Malek in the town of Bralsin, the Mandalorians clashed with more than a thousand Yuuzhan Vong warriors, slaying them in droves. From orbit, the Yuuzhan Vong's warships dropped singularity ordnance indiscriminately, blowing massive craters in the surface of Mandalore. Large swathes of woodlands were flattened, including the

Malek under heavy fire during the Yuuzhan Vong War in 29 ABY, while on Mandalore.

forests that surrounded Mandalore's capital city, Keldabe. Whole settlements of domains built into the branches of ancient veshok trees were obliterated in their entirety, and the buildings that comprised Keldabe sustained significant damage during the attack. Once fertile farmland was poisoned and salted, in an attempt to render it unusable.

The Mandalorians largely survived the orbital assault through the use of a network of underground tunnels that extended from beneath a number of their homes and structures, and into the mountains far away. When the Yuuzhan Vong deployed their warriors to the surface, the Mandalorians struck back, using the tunnels and their sheer martial ability to combat the Yuuzhan Vong. More than a thousand Yuuzhan Vong warriors engaged the Mandalorians in the small Keldabe suburb of Bralsin. Despite the area's poor defensive capabilities, the Mandalorians fought and defeated them in a massacre that would leave an imprint in the Force for more than a decade after. The Mandalorian soldier Goran Beviin, the first to make contact with the Yuuzhan Vong, killed several of their warriors at Bralsin with his beskad saber. Legions of Mandalorian supercommandos, native soldiers, and the Mandalorian Protectors led by Boba Fett, fought to protect Mandalore from the Yuuzhan Vong, eventually defeating and repelling the invaders. When the battle finally came to an end, close to one and a half million Mandalorians were dead, and though the Yuuzhan Vong death toll was higher still, Mandalore's population had been reduced by nearly a third. During the battle, Malek and the Fallen Mandalorians suffered heavy losses, including the loss of his son's wife Ailyn, who died by the Coomb spore. Two days after he death a funeral was held for her, where she was honored for her services during the war, taking care of victims affected by the diseasse, and protecting children even when she was diagnosed. Malek's son Boba was devastated by her death, as were his children. After the war was officially over, Malek passed on the leadership of the Fallen Mandalorians to his youngest daughter Miranda and head of the recently formed Mandalorian Revival, to his son, which came from his wife.

A new War[edit | edit source]

"Your much more than a Mandalorian Malek, you are a legend."
-A Mandalorian recruit to Malek

Years following the Yuuzhan Vong War, Malek returned to his bounty hunter duties, often working with Boba Fett

Malek Kriya alongside fellow bounty hunter Boba Fett.

several times, even when Fett was in his seventies, Malek was surprised at how the Mandalorian bounty hunter continued to work. In 32 ABY, Malek made his biggest bounty since the Yuuzhan Vong War. Malek pursued a bounty of 500,000 credits that had been posted by the Traders' Coalition, in the task of killing an Atzerri glitterstim dealer named Bek. Tasked in killing him, Malek found the Atzerri dealer on the planet of Felucia, where he was taking refuge. Easily discovering the dealer's new home, Malek first saw Bek's wife and daughter, whom he was treating badly, shouting and cursing at them in Felucian. Malek was able to understand the harsh and cruel words that was being spit upon the two females, since he understood Felucian. Approaching the farm, Malek walked toward the farm and began speaking with Bek's young daughter who was crying in pain and fear, to which he would hand her some medicine, making her feel better. A few minutes later, Bek came out throwing his wife on the groud in anger, but would then get scared at seeing Malek, for he had a fear of Mandalorian bounty hunters. Pulling out his trusty Warlord pistol, Malek began to walk slowly towards Bek, while the dealer walked backwards until he was cornered by the wall of his home. In an instant, Bek's wife remembered that he had been placed on a bounty list, and that no, Malek had come to collect it. Much to his surprise, Malek was ordered by Bek's own wife and daughter to kill him. Knowing it was his job, at point blank, Malek shot and killed Bek, and wouuld later pull his his darksaber, to then decapitate Bek's dead body, and bring back his head to his contractors. Before he left Felucia, Malek was given food and certain machine parts by Bek's wife and daughter, whom he would take to a new home on a farm located on his homeworld of Concord Dawn. He then took Bek's head to his contractors at the Traders Coalation, where they would pay him 1,000,000 credits, much to his surprise after being previously offered 500,000. Not caring, he took the money and gave it to his children, which they would use to modify their weapons and armor. After this, Malek returned to Concord Dawn again. Four years later, in 36 ABY, Malek would work alongside Boba Fett in a rescue mission. This would be one of the many times during the time of his highlighted bounty hunter years where Malek did not request the aid of his family, and would do so for the next 55 years. Nevertheless, it did not stray him from spending time with his family when they had no work.

Rescuing Sintas[edit | edit source]

"All I will say is this. If you break my granddaughter's heart Janek, I will not hesitate to break your legs. Understood!"
"Yes sir. I swear I won't break her heart."
"I said this exact same thing to the husbands of my two daughters. I'm sure you know them."
"Yes, Mirta and Miranda."
"Up until now both have not done anything to hurt their hearts, but this warning, so you know, I will only tell you it once."
-Malek to Janek Dakari during his granddaughter's wedding.

Before heading of to rescue Sintas with Boba Fett and Mirta Gev, Malek traveled to Keldabe on Mandalore, for the wedding of his granddaughter Sintas Kriya, the daughter of his daughter Mirta "Miranda" Kriya. Attending the wedding with his wife, and several other family members, Malek had given Janek and Sintas his blessing, to which the two would marry two months later. After his granddaughter's marriage, Malek accompanied Boba to rescue Sintas Vel,who was on Phaeda, frozen in carbonite, and still alive. During the same time, Malek met Jaina Solo, which would be the first Jedi he initially met since the time of the Clone Wars. Malek would also help train the Jedi Knight, much to her insistence, which he would surprisingly agree without protest or showing aggression towards Jania. After they were able to free Sintas from her carbonite prison, she was healed by the former Jedi Gotab, who was now a Mandalorian. Sintas was then able to recover her sight and memories.

Training Jaina[edit | edit source]

"Listen Jaina, I only do this because you asked me. Don't think I enjoy doing this."
"I understand Malek."
-Malek and Jaina

Some time later, Malek would encounter Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, the daughter of Han Solo. During this time, Malek was still working with Boba Fett. The young Jedi had set out to enlist their aid in hunting her brother Darth Caedus, the new Dark Lord of the Sith, and to learn from their skills, so she would need to confront her twin. Arriving on Mandalore in an X-wing, Jaina found herself confronted by a group of heavily armed Mandalorians, to which she was escorted to meet Boba Fett in a humble, rustic cantina that served as the Mandalore's seat of government, all too aware of the traditional Mandalorian dislike for Jedi. Fett and Malek agreed to train her, but promised to be a hard teacher, as Malek said he would be strict, and not kind. Malek would initially watch her first few lessons with Boba, in which she would constantly be easily beaten, but she would still continue despite the humiliation. Malek himself trained Jaina the same way Boba Fett had been doing, to which he showed his immense hate for the Jedi.

For the next several months, Malek partook in many training sessions with Jaina, whom he would easily beat, and took great pride in humiliating her, but would sometimes keep it to a minimum. Malek and Boba were harsh teachers and often told Jaina that using simple tactics would not be enough, for her abilities were not just simply enough, and just because she was a Jedi, it meant nothing to them, for each have killed Jedi, despite their disadvantages in the force Jaina herself was oblivious to Malek's Zenolian abilities, while Boba was not. Up until the time came, Jaina was later able to kill her brother, and later thanked both Boba and Malek, whom stated that they did what they did because it was for their own benefit.

End of the War & Journey to Zeno[edit | edit source]

"My purpose here has ended. I have done my duties. I must return to the home of my ancestor Malek Morak. It was an honor serving with you Boba Fett. May our paths cross again."
"Likewise, my fellow Mandalorian brother."
Malek to Boba before his departure to the planet of Zeno

Ren Ion welcomes Malek to Zeno.

After the death of Jacen Solo, at the hands of his sister Jaina, Malek decided that his duties for both the Jedi Coalition & the Galactic Alliance had finished. After some time on Mandalore, Malek left the planet, where he then bid farewell to his bounty hunter companion and friend Boba Fett. After this, he left the planet, with his enitre family accompanying him, after his children and grandchildren discovered their Zenolian heritage. After two weeks of searching, Malek and his family found Zeno, where they decided to make it their new home. Zeno would become the birthplace of both his granddaughter's and grandson's children, and many generations afterward. After landing, Malek would be the first one to meet notable Zenolian Ren Ion. Welcomed as a friend, Malek and his family were given their own homes on the native planet, and pledged their Mandalorian services to the Zeno-Sith Imperial Order, including to several other Zeno affiliations. Malek's later family descendants consisted of pure Zenolians, as how many called them. Each followed a different Mandalorian path, either being mercenaries or bounty hunters.

Hidden from history (41-120 ABY)[edit | edit source]
"For several decades, me and my family spent our lives in hiding. The reasons are for personal assets, thus shall not be discussed. Thanks to Ren Ion, me and my entire family learned on how to fully control, wield, and utilize our Zenolian powers. Because of that we are grateful. We, the Kriyans, and the new Luz, shall return the true face of the Mandalorians, those who died, my brothers from the Mandalorian Guild, I carry their legacy, like my family as well. We shall return to the galaxy."
-An excerpt from Malek's autobiographical journal

After arriving on Zeno, Malek and his enitre family spent several years in hiding and training under Ren Ion. Wanting to know on how to properly use his Zenolian abilities, Ren Ion agreed in training Malek, and his entire family. Undergoing strict training, and hundreds of sparring matches with other Zenolians and family members alike, the new Kriyans were able to control their Zenolian abilities, as many generations that were born during this time were able to at early ages. After spending eighty years hidden, Malek returned to the galaxy, where he would return to Mandalore, and would align it with Zeno, after persuading the new Mand'alor to do so.

The New Mand'alor[edit | edit source]

"Your death was by your own actions and words Yaga. No one offends my Zenolian blood. Now, I take your title as my own. I will lead Mandalore to a better future than you could have."
-Malek to a dead Yaga

In 138 ABY, Malek ventured of to Mandalore after requesting an audience with it's current Mand'alor Yaga Auchs. Malek had ordered it after receiving word that the Mandalorian ruler had recently offended Malek's Zenolian blood, after discovering that he was the only Zenolian to ever serve the Mandalorians, and had been a member of the family that descended from only Zenolians. Piloting a small ship to the family, Malek landed outside Yaga's citadel, and bursted in slamming down doors, breaking them of their hinges, even damaging automatic doors. As soon as he killed of several guards who were ordered to kill him upon his entrance to the planet, Malek quickly met Yaga. Yaga stated that he found the native Zenolians were weak and a poor excuse for an ally, for they couldn't even defend their home without the help of the Mandalorian warriors. This angered Malek, where he responded by saying he was part Zenolian, and that his words not only insulted his friends, but also his family. He also stated that the Zenolians were a force not to reckon with, nor offend for they were armed to the teeth with naval/militant forces. He also stated that Zeno space is located outside of the galaxy and is isolated, so which is a possible reason on why he is so naive about Zenolian navy, and on the spieces itself, much to the annoyance of Yaga. Yaga would then simply laugh at his words, only making him more angry. Pulling out a blaster, Malek killed Yaga by shooting him at point blank. This would cause several Mandalorian guards to rush up to Yaga's position, but instead of attacking Malek, they proclaimed him as the new ruler of Mandalore, for he earned it in killing the former one. Accepting the title, Malek remade the alliance between Mandalore and Zeno, where he was able to remake a Mandalorian army for both planets.

A War Revived (Second Mandalorian Civil War) 140 ABY-164 ABY[edit | edit source]

"It's been almost two hundred years since I fought a war like this. The first time we lost, but this will have a different oucome. The Resurgent Death Watch will not prevail. We True Mandalorians shall remain victorious and live on."
-Malek to his soldiers during the Third Battle of Concord Dawn

Malek Krriya, Mand'alor.

Two years after becoming Mand'alor, Malek became involved in his first galactic conflict as a ruler. After being attacked by a rouge Mandalorian while he and his wife took a stroll through Sundari, Malek discovered a plot that invovled in an assassination attempt on his life and Ailyn's life as well. Killing the Mandalorian, Malek also found out that the Death Watch had been recreated  by a man who looked to continue the sole purpose left behind by Pre Vizsla and Jorak. Jorak became the leader of the Daeth Watch after Darth Maul lost the title himself during his duel with Darth Sidious, but died a few weeks later in 19 BBY after a fight with Malek. A few weeks after the attack, Malek was contacted by a man named Darasuum A'den (which means eternal rage), who was secretly the leader of the newly reformed Death Watch group. Upon arrival, Malek was greeted with salutations, being honored as the Mand'alor they had been longing for, although he told them he had been ruler for two years. Still, Malek was concerned if he would be able to lead his Mandalorians through the new war, although he had done so hundreds of years ago, although, in this case, it was a small band of Mandalorian warriors and his own clan, which was still alive. Nevertheless, using the experience he had during the Mandalorian Clan Wars, Malek decided to lead his men and female warriors in the deadly war.

Leading the war effort[edit | edit source]

"I never thought I would fight in a new war, which basically continues the one I fought almost two hundred years ago. Still, as ruler it is my duty to protect my people, family, allies and friends."
-Malek on his purpose as Mand'alor during the war

A few months into the new war, Malek had already encountered Darasuum A'den several times on the battlefield. Suffering heavy losses in the first five battles, Malek wondered on how A'den knew his every position and tactics, to which it even left his wife and children confused, knowing he was a brilliant strategist and master tactician. Still, Malek would keep his his plan for the following week, until his wife came up with a new idea. Knowing that they were fighting their own shadow, Ailyn told Malek that instead of attacking straight-foward, they should attack from underneath their sight. Malek quickly understood what she was saying, as most Mandalorian warriors were left confused, but Ailyn simply told them to listen for they would know what she meant later.

Personality & Traits[edit | edit source]

"I am not a cruel man. I am just paid to do cruel things, which I enjoy."
-Malek Kriya

Malek was a driven, brave, confident, strong, and intelligent warrior. He was also a deadly assassin.

Malek Kriya was a cold, cunning, sadistic, manipulative, and malicious individual throughout his life. He was extremely sarcastic, and enjoyed toying with is enemies, such as his brother Jorak. A strong, brave, confident and talented soldier, Malek always did what he could in fulfilling and keeping the legacy of his parents and the True Mandalorians alive, even while leading the Kriya Clan, and serving the Mandalorian Guild. Malek's traits sometimes depended on what his task was, such as being a bounty hunter. When working as a bounty hunter, Malek would be sadistic, cold, and emotionless towards his targets, of all which were people he hated, especially rivaling Mandalorians. He did have a compassionate and caring side, which he only showed when he was around his wife and children, and the Kriya Clan. When with the Mandalorian Guild, he was both serious and strong-minded, to which everyone treated one-another as brother and sister. He had a strong hate towards the Death Watch, which was the group responsible for his parents death. Since he was a teenager, Malek proved himself to be a brave, confident, and strong warrior. Having full loyalty to the Mandalorian Guild and it's leader Beviin Kabur, where they honored the True Mandalorians, for his parents had been apart of them until their death. A strong believer of the Mandalorian faith, Malek also believed that the Death Watch were disgracing on what it meant to be a Mandalorian. Aside from this, Malek had proved to be extremely manipulative in persuading Vizsla to let him join the Death Watch, as Malek's true identity was unaware to the Death Watch leader, and thus was never discovered. Malek's manipulation proved most lethal when he persuaded a crazy Mandalorian into freeing his captured family, whom he would later kill.

When he became Mand'alor, Malek proved to be a great and respectful leader. He loved his people, and always stated that he would give his life for them. As leader, Malek reformed the alliance between Mandalore and Zeno. This showed his loyalty towards his ancient homeworld of Zeno. Malek held the title of Mand'alor for almost two hundred years. In his later years, as a Grand Magistrate, and then Force Lord, Malek became more of a mentor to his later descendents of the Kriya Clan. Also, Malek was a very direct individual, always going straight to the point at hand and never straying away from the subject.

A deadly adversary[edit | edit source]

"There's no way you will win bounty hunter."
"Are you underestimating me senator?"
-Malek and an unidentified senator

Malek reputation as a bounty hunter made him the one of the most recognizable Mandalorian hunter in history.

A master and deadly bounty hunter, Malek believed that the key to success was preparation and weakening your opponents mentally, physically, and emotionally.Although Malek would not confide in brute force alone, or if the occasion called for it. Never planning ahead, he worried little on confronations that would occurr if he ever met with a little difficulty on a mission, and decided to make the best of the current situation by killing of everyone, even if they were not part of the bounty. Whenever meeting a strong opponent, Malek found the key to their weakness by their overconfidence or stubbornness, but always took the note on how one cared for one another. He added restrictions towards his actions and had limits on how he would do the job, which always led to a clean and perfect kill, and would always use stealth in order to complete anything.

Malek also had little trust in the senators who contracted him for a bounty, even when they lended him their starships, to which he would always wipe clean the navigational computer's data, and any evidence that he used. When betrayed by his Separatists or Republic contractors, he would often kill them, or injure them in ways that if he let them live, they would vow never to betray hi, and would trust him to complete a task without failure. Much to the surprise of others, malek never accepted a bounty on a Jedi because he found it a waste of time, though he stated that he had killed several Jedi before, to which he would never make a comment on. Still, Malek's bounty hunter reputation increased during the time of the Galactic Empire, where he decided to take bounties on Jedi, for it would offer him a high payment, and would take joy in killing most of them. Also just like Cad Bane, Malek would always analyze his enemies and opponents to give him the advantage, which would always work without fail.

A deadly assassin[edit | edit source]

"My job is simple. To dispose of those I am either ordered to do, paid to do, or for my own benefit."
-Malek Kriya

Malek shortly after killing Rien Rikan, on Concordia, within the Rikan base, pulls out his rifle against other Rikans.

At the age of 17, Malek began a career as an assassin, which contributed to that of his bounty hunter life. Malek's assassin career mostly centralized on enemies of both the Kriya Clan and Mandalorian Guild. Later, it would involve enemies of the Mandalorian Guild. When as an assassin, Malek would often become silent, letting his blasters do the talking in assignments. Whenever taking up offers for assassinating a specific target, he would have his personal droid do the talking for him. This would often reflect his cold and malicious side, which he had adopted after his parents and the entire Morak Clan had been killed. Still, he would sometimes speak, but would be very few. He was characterized as a shadow figure flying through the night, and was dubbed as the Black Terror on Coruscant, and the Silent Keeper by the Separatists. He would even go the the extent of killing notable Separatists leaders when he worked for them, that was unknown to them and the Death Watch. When questioned on his actions, he would say he did it for his own personal reasons.

Malek eventually would change his assassin personality when his child was born, and would mostly confront his targets and kill them face to face, but would grant them peace, much to their pleas, and because he wished to do so. Malek's assassin career became more noticeable by the final year of the Clone Wars when working as Jabba the Hutt's personal bounty hunter and assassin. He never minded working two careers at once because he stated it gave him more of what he wanted, which he had done when infiltrating the Death Watch. In 1 BBY, his most known kill was when he killed Rien Rikan under orders from his daughter and wife, after they asked him prior to his landing on Concordia.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

"I've never been one to socialize to be true. However, at certain moments I'm willing to make an exception."
-Malek to his wife Ailyn

Jaster Mereel[edit | edit source]

Mereel was an older brother figure to Malek, as at certain points, mentored him into being a bounty hunter, or mercenary. Malek had a huge amount of respect for his leader, believing that he was doing the right thing for the Mandalorians. When Mereel was killed, Malek was upset, but knew that Jango would take up after him.

Jango Fett[edit | edit source]

A close friend, Malek and Jango Fett were considered to be one of the best, and classified as the top warriors of the True Mandalorians. Following Mereel's death and Jango's ascension to Mand'alor, Malek was made as second-in-command, serving the same role as Myles. Close friends and partners, Jango Fett helped in Malek's formation as a bounty hunter. Jango and Malek also had a brother-type relationship. Later on, Malek also developed a close relationahip with Jango's son Boba Fett.

Montross[edit | edit source]

A Mandalorian warrior like Malek, Montross hated Malek for many reasons. Montross would offend Malek's Zenolian heritage, and criticize that his Zenolian bloodline became Mandalorians, and that they were disrespecting Mandalorian culture. Malek often responded by brutally attacking Montross, even to the point of almost paralyzing him at one point. Following his betrayal of Mereel, Malek desired to kill him, but decided to leave it in Jango's hands, since, Malek was unable to find and kill Montross, due to his bounty hunting services, which began 41 BBY.

Ailyn Luz[edit | edit source]

Ailyn was Malek's wife, whom he first met on Concord Dawn, after he saved her from a Death Watch ambush, that ended in her family's death. Taking her into his hands, Malek took the time in making her feel better, because of the recent trauma she had suffered. As time passed, the two developed a strong friendship, and worked several times on missions with the Mandalorian Guild. During that stretch, both started to become more than friends, and eventually, both developed romantic feelings for one another. They revealed their feelings for one another, and married in 21 BBY. When Ailyn gave birth to Mirta Kriya, Ailyn's love for Malek grew, as even when Miranda and Zatar were born. Both Malek and Ailyn used love as their strength in several wars, and such were the Yuuzhan Vong War, Second Galactic Civil War, the Second Mandalorian Civil War, the Resurgent Sith War, the Mandalorian-Sith Galactic War and a few other unnamed wars. Nevertheless, they never let their feelings get ahead of them during war time, as was the same of their children, and descendants. With Malek as Mand'alor, Ailyn served as High General. Both were greatly loved by their people, as kids of the populace often chanted love songs towards Malek and Ailyn when they came down and took walks across the city of Sundari or Keldabe, which would often make the couple laugh, or have Ailyn blush. Malek was one who greatly loved and cared for his wife, which he would do the same for his children.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

"And so my empire falls. It does not matter. I have done many things in my life, many of which I do not regret and some I am grateful of. My brothers in the Mandalorian Guild are eternal for the guild is eternal. My wife, the most beautiful woman I ever met granted me two wonderful children. There are may more things I can say, but it is to much. I accept the fate I am granted, but know this. Mandalore will return."
"Yes it will my dear Malek. And you who have done this, your sins will be your destruction. Our children, our descendents and the descendents will see the end of you. Mark my words Jurit, the Kriyans will be your death."
-Malek and Ailyn before their death

Malek left a profound and permanent mark on Mandalorian history. Being known as one of the oldest and longest reigning Mand'alor in history, Malek created the Mandalorian Empire that lasted more than three thousand years until his death. Malek was seen as one of the most powerful Zenolians to ever live, and amongst the most skilled Mandalorian in histroy.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Helmet[edit | edit source]

"This is me in person."
-Malek Kriya to Bossk regarding his helmet

Malek's Mandalorian helmet recorded video and played it back on command, dispensed water, compensated

Malek's helmet.

automatically for low or high light conditions, picked up on minute sounds and amplified them and could connect with the onboard computer of Revenant, assuming the transmission wasn't being jammed. The helmet also had the capability of sealing to compensate for pressure changes, and holding 5 to 10 minutes of air, though damage may have disabled this feature at some point in the Clone Wars.

Malek can also control weapons, sensors, and his jet pack with verbal commands. His helmet's HUD (head-up-display) featured information on the surrounding environment as well as a 360-degree field of vision. The HUD's data streams could be controlled by eye movements and blinking. In addition, an advanced penetrating radar allowed his HUD to provide information on nearby rooms, and can be used to scan the HoloNet and connect with databases, allowing him to perform tasks which would normally require a computer terminal, such as searching databases for individuals or even trading on the stock market and buying real estate, from anywhere that was accessible through the HoloNet. The macrobinocular viewplate can be magnified to allow Malek to see great distances, and was equipped with, among other things, an infrared scanner that could be magnified up to 50 times. The infrared scanner magnified light up to 100 times or displayed heat gradations.

The helmet's broad band antenna is capable of intercepting and unscrambling comlink and starship comm transmissions. Also, with assistance from his ships computer, jamming transmissions or sending fake transmissions, even while not in his ship. At the top of the antenna was a rangefinder capable of tracking up to 30 targets from a distance of 100 meters. The rangefinder fed data to a display overlay inside the helmet showing range and movement for targets in a 360 degree radius. The overlay also linked to Malek's weapons systems to display fire vector and range data. The rangefinder can be deployed horizontally or vertically.

The environmental filter system can filter out poisons and contaminants as well as provide Malek with a two hour reserve air tank.

Armor/Clothing[edit | edit source]

Malek's Mandalorian armor was originally constructed from duroplast, allowing it to sustain a great deal of damage

Malek's armor.

without degrading. His armor also has two shoulder pads which were black, like his kneepads. The left shoulder pad exhibited the Mandalorian skull logo, while his right chest plate displayed an emblem of unknown origin. Malek wore several Mandalorian armors throughout his life, but all consisted of the same material. Malek's armor was also able to resist lightsaber attacks.

Malek wears a power armor liner. This liner shirt has a micro energy field projector and two layers of thin ceramic plates, in order to disperse physical and blast impacts, reducing injuries and likelihood of knockdowns. The power liner also gives him increased protection from fire, acid, intense heat, and cold. His main clothing is a reinforced armor mesh battle/flight suit. The inner lining of the suit blocked poisons and corrosives for a period of time. This suit has pockets on his hips and thighs (one on each side).

Malek wears a leather utility belt that has ten leather pouches. Below this he wears a Journeyman Protector honor sash. Attached to his right shoulder is three braided Wookiee scalps. The battle/flight suit has pockets on his shins

which contained an anti-security blade, a survival knife, a jet-pack adjustment tool, and a sonic-beam weapon. Malek also wears spats around his ankles to help prevent debris from going into his boots. They are smaller than standard spats, they are made of a light colored cloth and attached behind the ankle as opposed to under the boot.

Malek wears a pair of versatile boots that has two spikes attached to the front of each. The most known armors worn by Malek were the Death Watch Armor (both the soldier and lieutent armor), Nite Owl armor (modified for male), Mandalorian super commando armor, Red Kriyan armor, Green Kriyan Leader Armor, and later his own refurbished Black Mandalorian armor. Folowing his time with the Galactic Empire, Mlek constructed durasteel armor only to later recontruct it with Beskar.

Rokcet/Jetpack[edit | edit source]

Malek wore a Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpack, which was seen on all of his armors, but each were styled in different ways

Malek's jetpack.

and sizes. The fuel tank was able to hold enough fuel to give him three 20-second blasts, 20 three-second blasts or one minute of continuous operation. Every three second blast moved Malek up to 100 meters horizontally or 7 meters vertically. Fett could reach a top speed of 145 kilometers per hour with a maximum range of two kilometers. Directional thrusters featured gyro-stabilizers to apply counter-thrust for maneuvering and landing.The top of his jetpack consisted of three long-range missles, that could reach targets up to almost 30 feet away, as even it contained a turbo-projected magnetic grappling hook with 20-meter lanyard (replaceable with 100 meters). This was however replaceable with his anti-veicle homing missles that he used when attacking multiple targets, whowere either speeidng away, or were chasing him. Malek was also known for creating his own Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpacks, that always worked without fail, and were also made with an anti-magnetic material that kept him from being puled by magnetic field, giving him an advantage in flight, as to even fly faster. Malek was also mostly known for having several similarities in equipment,to that of which Boba Fett himself had. This caused the two to often be compared, but the two always cleared out that they were different in many ways.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

"The amount of weapons I have means nothing unless you have a brain on how to use them properly."
-Malek Kriya

Malek with his two Darksabers.

Malek had a variety of weapons that he used when either working as a bounty hunter or assassin. His primary weapons during his early years were a blaster carbine, two WESTAR-35 blaster pistols, and two lightsabers, which consisted of blue crystals. When working as a bounty hunter, or assassin, Malek used two Warlord pistols,a  Adventurer slugthrower rifle and at certain moments, a darksaber. Malek's darksaber was created by the bounty hunter himself after seeing Vizsla's darksaber in action. When Vizsla saw the blade he was amazed, and agreed to let Malek use it. Although he was not a Jedi, Malek knew how to perfectly wield a lightsaber, as he even knew quite a few styles, and such were the Jar'Kai, Soresu, and the Makashi. This would shock several members of the Jedi Oder, and such were Shaak Ti, Luminara Unduli, Yoda, and several more. It was more shocking when he was able to defeat Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano single handedly, without using a single weapon in his arsenal, despite the Jedi's advantages with the Force. During this time, Malek had kept his Zenolian heritage to the Jedi a secret. Unlike the Death Watch's blaster carbines. Malek's was more powerful and had a better accuracy, and was faster in shooting. He was also able to dual wield with a pistol, which gave him quicker shots.

When working for the Jedi, Malek gained an interest in sparring with several Jedi Masters of the order. His most

common victories in a sparring match was against Luminara Unduli, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, and surpringly, Shaak Ti, who was labeled as one of the most powerful masters of the Jedi Order. Almost a year after the death of Pre Vizsla, the darksaber of the former Death Watch leader came into Malek's posession, after Sith Lord Darth Maul was defeated by his former master Darth Sidious, which also attributed to the death of his brother Savage Opress at the hands of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Donning it as his own, after finding it, Malek became the most deadliest Mandalorian warrior in close combat. Later in life, Malek lost Pre Vizsla's lightsaber, but it is unknown as to when he lost it. At some point Malek rebuilt two new darksabers and gave his personal blade to his daughter. One was named the Phrik Darksaber and the second was a rare light-brown colored darksaber that was named the Dolovite Darksaber.

As the Clone Wars took it's toll on the galaxy, Malek added several features to his Mandalorian armor and added more weapons to his arsenal. By 21 BBY, one of Malek's new weapon of choice was the Shadow Tech Rifle, which was seen by the time of the Takeover of Mandalore. His first added weapon was a self-customized blaster pistol, given to him by his mother. His second sidearm was a concussion grenade launcher, given to him by Boba Fett, after the latter encountered him on Mandalore. Since Malek was unable to equip both at the same time, he used one at a time, but was able to switch quickly and choose targets faster than usual.

His wrist gauntlets also became a mounting point for many weapons. His right gauntlet had a Czerka ZX miniature flame projector that a cone of fire five meters long and a meter in diameter. The flamethrower had a corded fuel line connecting to a backpack canister holding fuel for at least three minutes of operation. On his left gauntlet, Malek equipped a Dur-24 wrist laser that had a range of more than 50 meters. After being exposed, Malek added a protective shield that not only enclosed, but also concealed both weapons. Just like Boba Fett in his later years, Malek carried a Kelvarex Consolidated Arms MM9 mini concussion rocket, which utilized computer target tracking, however, he carried it on his right gauntlet. Several of Malek's weapons were similar to that of Boba Fett, as some of the most common were Type-12A anti-personnel rockets, Type-12B stun rockets, and 1126 rockets. HIs left gauntlet also had fibercord whip that had a grappling hok at the end, which was 20 meters long, which was used to entangle and immobilize a target. It also held retractable vibro-blades and a dart launcher. One of Malek's other weapons as a Shadow Tech Rifle.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Talents and Abilities[edit | edit source]

"Guns alone will not save you. You need to know how to fight when the occasion calls for it."
Malek Kriya to the newly reformed Kriya Clan

Although not a Jedi, Malek was skilled in the art of lightsaber combat.

Malek was a highly skilled and fierce warrior. Trained in the Mandalorian ways, Malek evovled to be one of the strongest Mandalorian warriors in galactic history. A master at martial arts, Malek made use of his combat skills whenever he disarmed his opponents, and would make quick work of them. Besides this, Malek was also an adept lightsaber duelist, in which he could even best the Jedi. Malek's known lightsaber styles were Shien-style reverse grip variant of Form V, the Jar'Kai, Makashi and the Ataru. Malek mostly learned by himself, but he did recieve several training sessions from his parents and adopted parents. Malek was also able to dual wield a blaster and lightsaber at the same time granting him an advantage against his enemies, as also a formidable opponent in close combat. He also skilled in using a jetpack, and could even disable an enemy's jetpack in mid-flight. When flying, Malek could easily dodge blaster shots from his attackers, and could even focus his aim on shooting in mid-flight.

"Incredible. I expected the Jedi to be stronger in the Force. Yet not even Yoda or Anakin Skywalker could sense my abilities."
-Malek on his Zenolian powers, stating on how the Jedi could not sense his abilities

Malek demonstrating his Zenolian power of Kad'evor Lightning.

Since he was a Zenolian, Malek also knew how to use the Force. After his powers were awakened between the years of 22 BBY and 21 BBY, Malek made use of his abilities, but never used it against the Jedi, thus was able to hide the presence of his powers. As the years passed, Malek's Zenolian abilities became more powerful, including that of his wife. However, Malek had problems controlling it various times, and deciding he needed help, Malek went in search of Zeno where he met Ren Ion. Through Ren Ion's teachings, Malek learned on how to properly use, control and even wield his powers. After this, Malek fully mastered his powers, including his entire family alike, which included his wife's side of the family as well. Just like the Sith, Malek knew a certain type of Force Lightning ability, except it was named Emerald Lightning. Also because of his Zenolian blood, he was able to see in the dark 25x more clearly than humans, 15x clearer than a human with 20-20 vision. Just like the Zabrak species, Malek also had two hearts, which was a Zenolian feature that left many other species confused.  He also had the ability to speak telepathically, one that he had accomplished to master alone. Since Malek himself was Force-sensitive, he was first believed to be a Jedi who gave up on the path of the light, and chose the path of a Mandalorian. However, Malek was able to prove that because he was a Zenolian, he was able to wield the Force to a high enugh potential, since Zenolians were amongst one of the most powerful Force-sensitives, and had really high midi-chlorian count. Malek was able to use many abilities of the Force, being both the light side and dark side.

Combat Skills[edit | edit source]

Malek was a very powerful and capable Mandalorian, perhaps one of the best in the galaxy. Malek has displayed the ability to take out multiple foes at once with martial arts alone, which he demonstarted against several Death Watch soldiers throughout the Mandalorian Civil War and against numerous clone troopers during his service with the Separatists, during the Clone Wars, or when he simply crossed them during several mission his with his clan. Malek was a highly skilled martial artist, even besting his own parents and his kin. He was a feared and repected warrior. His enemies even held him in high regard, and showed a moderate form of respect. Even when outnumbered and outgunned, Malek was still able to take out his enemmies, while ultilizing martials with a rifle or pistols in hand. Malek's best use of his martial arts skills was seen numerous times, but three times have been considered to be his best use. One was seen when he fought against his brother Jorak in their "final" fight, where he easily overpoweered him continousily counter several kicks and punches with ease, and barely any difficulty. He was even able to knock of Jorak's helmet of with one kick. Another use was when he fought of against several clone troopers during the First Battle of Geonosis, where he killed of a high number of them, and even left four Jedi Masters completely knocked out, by running into them with just one punch. His final most known use of martial arts was against his clones where he weakened them, despite all of them being the same level. He then killed them by kicking a grenade back to them, which was thrown at him during his escape. Malek became the best martial artist in galactic history, and a recognizeable one is his family and clan.

Durability and Strength[edit | edit source]

"I heard he picked up a tank by it's turret and threw it across the battlefield, and destroyed an entire battalion of droids. It was a victory for the Republic, until he killed all the clones and even the Jedi who led them."
-A unidentified Mandalorian to a fellow Death Watch member

Malek was a physically fit Zenolian, and possessed tremendous physical strength. Malek was also able to take a certain tremendous amount of pain and blows to his body.

Weaponry[edit | edit source]

"My eyes follow my targets. My blasters are focused and are aimed towards it trajectory. Knowing how to wield a blaster is way more different than shooting. Accuracy, focusing and aim benefit one."
-Malek Kriya, bounty hunter, assassin

Malek was a highly skilled and masterful shooter. It made him one of the most deadliest and feared Mandalorians to ever live.

In addition to these skills, Malek was a highly skilled shooter, with incredible and deadly accuarcy, a master at point blank shooting, and was able to hit multiple targets without moving a step, and could even focus his aim while running, flying, or if his target was moving. Malek's shooting skills were highly noticed by both the Separatists and the Death Watch, and would be called Hawk Eye several times. Unlike several bounty hunters who used sniper rifles to kill their targets, Malek often confided with his Warlord pistols, just like Cad Bane, Malek's reputation as a bounty hunter evolved over time.

Because of it, Malek became a respected Mandalorian, to friend and foe alike. It was also his because of this that he became Mand'alor in 139 ABY. While as Mand'alor, Malek gave time to teach many new Mandalorians who joined the new Zeno Mandalorians and Mandalorian armies. As the years passed, Malek added new styles and techniques to his abilities, which would benefit him and the Mandalorians. Nevertheless, Malek's abilities were still rivaled by famed bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

"One can never expect to much from the human brain.It's the most vital organ, and yet with so much space, one can't seem to remember certain items."
-Abraham Rivers, creator of Malek Kriya
  • The female Kriyan Clan member's name was inspired by Cuy'val Dar member Vhonte Tervho
  • Malek's name was rewritten from Darth Malak.
  • This charcter can be seen on it's mother wiki

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