The Mandalorian Guild Wiki

Mandalorian armor colors have their own meaning, here are the colors and their meanings:

  1. Gray = Mourning a Lost Love or Family member
  2. Red = Honoring a Parent or leader
  3. Black = Justice
  4. Gold = Vengeance
  5. Green = Duty
  6. Blue = Reliability
  7. Orange = A lust for life (for Freedom)
  8. White = Cin Vhetin; A fresh start (lit. White Field) or Purity

(The following are non-canon)

  1. Purple = Luck
  2. Pink = Respected or Respecting Someone
  3. Brown = Valor
  4. Maroon (Brownish Red) = Power
  5. Erin (Light Green) = A Lust for Peace
  6. Scarlet - Crimson (Dark Red) = Defiance or Relentlessness
  7. Silver = Seeking Redemption
  8. Yellow = Remembrance 
  9. Teal (Greenish Blue) = Healing
  10. Bronze = Nobility - Noble (Intentions) or High Status
  11. Cyan (Light Blue) = Loving or in love maybe Married
  12. Tan (Light Brown) = Loyalty
  13. Magenta (Bright Pink) = passion or passionate
  14. Pine (Dark Green) = Guarding or Protecting



Due to it often being hard to tell the colors red, scarlet - crimson and maroon apart, their meanings are often used interchangeably or all at once. Other examples of this happening are with the colors Blue, Teal, Cyan, along with Green, Pine and Erin. Brown, Tan and Bronze as well as Yellow, Gold and finally Pink, Magenta.