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  • Aloquar Ordo
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22 BBY

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Rise of the Empire era


Mandalorian Guild, also known as The Mandalorian Guild, Mythosaur  and "Mando Ver'verd'tsad" in Mando'a, was a organization of Mandalorian mercenaries, bounty hunters, assassins and soldiers that operated as a paramilitary unit.

Canon-based Origins and History

The Mandalorian Guild’s origins date back to the Mandalorian Protectors , an ancient order of Elite Mandalorian warriors who were charged with protecting the Mand’alor , ruler of Mandalore with their lives. Some time prior to 30 BBY however, Mandalore was caught in a Devastating Civil War in which the outcome birthed a New, Pacifist Governance of Mandalore, The New Mandalorians . Many founding Guild members were Protectors who did not see Duchess Satine Kryze and her Government as the True Rulers of Mandalore, and defected into their own militarized ranks. They did not affiliate with former Governor of Concordia ; Pre Vizsla ’s Death Watch ideology either, finding their methods to be extremist, and their philosophy of the Warrior Culture to be warped. The Original faction was founded sometime prior to 30 BBY by Aloquar Ordo, and was only maintained in small sects accross the Mandalore System , or in some cases outside. 

The Mandalorian Guild found home on many planets, reorganising themselves into Freelance Mercenaries who protected the Mandalore System from harm, just as their cousins the Mandalorian Protectors did- however outside the laws of the New Mandalorians. The Guild did still however maintain a cautious neutrality with New Mandalore. They also acted heavily as a Mercenary Guild, taking up Bounty Jobs frequently, and splitting the earnings as pay. These earnings would also be a fund for weapons and vehicles, amongst other resources.

During the Clone Wars , the Faction operated out of many hideouts and strongholds, however notably ‘Lady Devastator’, a repurposed Munificent-class Star Frigate stolen from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Mandalorian faction was able to successfully commandeer the vessel by shutting down all remnant Droid Units on board - and thus were able to take it's cowardice Captain as their prisoner.

Prior to this, the Guild's Aliit'Alor and leader; Aloquar Ordo would find himself detained by the Confederacy following a Bounty mission gone wrong.

After Kozar's capture, the faction would then Demand a Prisoner exchange with the CIS between Kozar and the Early Guild's Founder; Aloquar Ordo. The exchange would take place in the Orbit of Vjun .

Some weeks following the exchange however, a stronghold of the Guild would come under siege by the Death Watch - perhaps under the orchestration of the CIS. The siege would take place in a Guild stronghold on Zanbar , and ultimately would lead to it's destruction. Only several survivors were able to escape the planet, one of which being Aloquar himself,  the very same from the prisoner exchange. His wounds however would be severe and would succumb to them some time later. This lead Beviin Kabur to take control of the faction, and thus rename 'Battlecruiser 22' to 'Lady Devastator', Aloquar's title of 'The Devastator' being the namesake.

Many new recruits of the Guild after this point came from various different major and minor Clans , and even outsiders were welcomed if they were willing to adopt Mandalorian culture. Thus making the collective incredibly diverse range of warriors, and having no-identifiable discriminations or hatred for the pre-established clans of Rook , Ordo, Vizsla , Eldar , Saxon , Wren or Kryze , nor that of other races, either. During Maul’s reign of Mandalore, many members of the faction aligned themselves with Bo-Katan Kryze and her Nite Owl faction, and fought Maul’s Supercommando’s in another Mandalorian Civil War . This allegiance lasted until the Galactic Empire took hold of Mandalore, where the remaining members of the Faction splintered once again, though remained in contact. Lady Devastator would find herself hidden for decades on amidst the ruins of Taris for many years to come, far from the Empire’s prying eyes. It is safe to say that at some point The Faction maintained a Rebel cell against the Galactic Empire. Many members would most likely affiliate themselves with The Mandalorian Resistance, and combat the forces of the Galactic Empire and Clan Saxon. Lady Devastator would also be manned, and the Guild’s fleet would stand once more, for freedom of the oppression in the Mandalore Sector, and elsewhere.

Original Organization and Philosophy

Ordo asserted that the Mandalorians of the guild were simply highly-paid soldiers, and should conduct themselves as honorable mercenaries, Ordo believed he was walking in Jaster's footsteps, as he led the True Mandalorians. Much of their teachings came from the Supercommando Codex which contained many commandments that not only resurrected but modernized the ancient Canons of Honor. Thus, they highlighted the many tenants of the resol'nare which governed Mandalorian society.

In terms of tactics, their strategies varied during the different periods the memebers were in operation. At the time of the Clone Wars, they served as elite shock troopers who made use of superior weaponry as well as training to decimate their foes. The missions of the guild members were often high profile and difficult targets that were incapable of being overwhelmed by simple brute force. As a result, the guild preferred the use of tactics, employing mind over matter. The guild often found itself very busy during the Clone Wars.

CWA Formation

The Mandalorian Guild was founded on August 25th, 2011, by player and user ‘Aloquar Ordo’ on a then-MMO ‘Clone Wars:Adventures’. The Group was initially based upon the EU True Mandalorian faction, and consisted of many pre-established Mandalorian Squads in-game, including The Mandalorian Rising.

On March 18th, 2013, Aloquar Ordo stepped down as leader, passing his powers down to Beviin Kabur, after nearly two years of leading the Mandalorian Guild.

After CWA Closed, the Guild met a brief Hiatus before refounding itself on SW:TOR. Beviin Kabur reclaimed leadership for some time before Ghes Kal stepped in as acting Alor.

Since then, Ghes has also stepped down- paving way for Beviin to re-assume control of the Guild.

The Faction also has many sub-companies, that acted under the Rally Masters as their portion of the Guild. These companies were created for the purpose of in-game, light role-play organisation, however can be applied to the current iteration of the Guild.

  • Beskar Battalion - A Collective of Vehicle users and heavy weapon specialists, generally acting as the front lines of assault.
  • Vertigo Company - A Collective of Jetpack users, Often operating as reconnaissance and tactical advisors.
  • Zerek Squadron - A Collective of skilled Pilots, also operating as reconnaissance for Hunts.

Command Hierarchy

Mandalorian Guild Leader ‘Alor’ - Followed by a Title, e.g: The Devastator, The Reclaimer,

  • Mandalorian Guild Advisor 'Ver'alor'
  • Mandalorian Rally Master - Leads a Company
  • Mandalorian Supercommando - Special Operations ‘Elite’
  • Mandalorian Captain - Leads a Squad
  • Mandalorian Verd - Belongs to a Squad
  • Mandalorian Recruit - In-Training, unconfirmed member.

Battle of Umbara

Battle of Ryloth

Battle of Carlac


Mandalorian Guild Dueling Tournament

The Mandalorian Guild Dueling tournament is a dueling compition where we face each other in duels. You will verse multiple Mandalorians during the tournament. If you win in the dueling tournament you will be awarded a credit item of your choice that is under 7,000 credits. This is optional so if you don't want to partake in this activity you won't be forced to do it. These tournaments will be held at our Mandalorian base on Ryloth.

Mandalorian Guild Hunt

"The only advice i'm give you when you're in the jungle, shoot anything that moves. Then shoot the things that don't move, just to be sure." —Kex

A Guild Hunt is a great tradition of the Mandalorian Guild. We have hunts on Umbara, Carlac, Ryloth and Felucia. The prupose of the hunt is to keep you and your vode fit for duty during combat missions or other certain activities. While your doing this higher ranked members will see how much you have improved. During this you might be asked to scout ahead and see any combat zone bosses are near by like a Rancor. This is optional so if you don't want to partake in the hunt you will not be forced to do it. If you do partake in the hunt you will remain behind the hunt leader at all times. You must always remember that we fight as a team not as a single individual.

New Leadership

The Mandalorian Guild was founded on August 25th, 2011, by Aloquar Ordo. On March 18th, 2013, Aloquar Ordo stepped down as leader, passing his powers down to Beviin Kabur, after nearly two years of leading the Mandalorian Guild

Guild Founding and New Leadership Dates.png

Project Trooper

"I created this event so Troopers and Commanders could train together and become greater Mandalorians than they could ever do alone." —Redspark Fett

Project Trooper is a training exercise for young troopers and commanders in the Guild that don't have as much experience as other Mandalorians in the Guild. We teach Mando'a, Mandalorian history, Mandalorian culture, combat strategies and skills. It is optional so if you don't want to train with us if you don't want to but it is highly recommended. We teach Mando'a, Mandalorian history and Mandalorian culture at our Mandalorian base on Ryloth. We teach combat strategies and skills on combat zones such as Umbara, Carlac, Ryloth and Felucia. Generals will supervise you and keep track of your progression. The training sessions contains many activities like Mandalorian Hunts and more. This exercise will take place shortly after the Clone Wars Adventures updates are released.

Behind the scenes

The Guild is a squad in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. The Mandalorian Guild is mostly based on the The Mandalorian Protectors in the Star Wars Universe.

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