Project Trooper

Training Sergeants

  • Aden Dovahkiin
  • Boba Bactapack
  • Booster Skirata
  • Cold Wiinters
  • Gixeph
  • Thorun Ordo
"I created this event so Troopers and Commanders could train together and become greater Mandalorians than they could ever do alone." —Redspark Fett

Project Trooper is a training exercise for young troopers and commanders in the Guild that don't have as much experience as other Mandalorians in the Guild. We teach Mando'a, Mandalorian history, Mandalorian culture, combat strategies and skills. It is optional so if you don't want to train with us if you don't want to but it is highly recommended. We teach Mando'a, Mandalorian history and Mandalorian culture at our Mandalorian base on Ryloth. We teach combat strategies and skills on combat zones such as Umbara, Carlac, Ryloth and Felucia. Generals will supervise you and keep track of your progression. The training sessions contains many activities like Mandalorian Hunts and more. This exercise will take place shortly after the Clone Wars Adventures updates are released.